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  • It does, provided you turn the option on in the phone app.

    edit: At least I think (and remember) so, but don't have one anymore and can't find proof on the interwebs...

    edit 2: There you have it on 4:50, yes

  • perfect thanks

  • Anyone else have a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt that has broken tabs on the mounting puck? This is the 2nd time it has happened to me in 4 years. I will ask but I doubt Wahoo will replace it as I'm long out of warranty.

    Has anyone tried the aftermarket puck replacements? I'm just not too keen on the unit sitting proud of the mount.

    It also looks like wahoo have discontinued everything other than the roam? That's a decent bit more than I'd like to pay.... are they any good for money, or are there equivalent garmin units that perform better for less money?

  • The Edge 830 is around the same price

  • They haven't. The original Element, yes, but the Bolt has not been discontinued. Also, four years? The Roam hasn't been around for four years? 2019 release IIRC.

  • Sorry, I clearly had the Roam in my head as I typed that reply. It is one of the early Elemnt Bolt units that has broken. I haven't been able to find anywhere with a Bolt currently in stock in the UK?

  • Looks like there's an updated Wahoo Bolt in the pipeline (close to release in a few weeks probably) with colour screen and faster processor.

  • Ah, thanks! Looks like they're upping the price quite significantly, though. If they can't repair it then it is worth me thinking about whether to wait for the better, more expensive new one, or get the older cheaper one if I still can.

  • Garmin Edge 530 with RWGPS, is there a way to remove the turn by turn notifications and arrows on the map for routes imported from the IQ app for RWGPS, in case you have not manually deleted all the cues on RWGPS? Is there a way to remove all cues from the iPhone RWGPS app?

  • Could you not just highlight the route (ie. set it to Always Display with a colour of your choice) and follow the line? I do that sometimes to save battery power (or on the older units if navigation was causing crashes).

    The disadvantage is there's no "off route" screams if you take a wrong turn while not paying attention.

  • Yeah, that is always the case for me, I have it set up in the least intruding way possible, no sounds or else. But the cues sometimes clutter up the map, especially if there are a lot of "look-alike" turns when following offroad trails.. Not sure I am explaining it well

  • Ah, so when you export it you're getting the cues in the Garmin as Waypoints. I think you can turn that off when you do the export.

    By default though it has "Include cues as waypoints" not selected

    Sorry, I'm not using IQ app or iPhone so your experience is likely quite different to mine. I copy my exported GPX files over manually.

  • Courses > {Course Name} > Settings > Course Points

    Just keep this set to 'off', unless you are really sure that route has a small number of useful course points.

    As I think you've found, if you turn it on, the course points seem to stay on your map even if you hide the route they came from, or even delete it.

    I think I used the Garmin Basecamp PC application to delete a load directly off my 830.

    I'm also using the IQ app to get routes from RWGPS.

  • You were not wrong! I just got an email from wiggle saying the old bolt is not coming back in stock, and an email from Condor announcing the new one almost at the exact same time!

    Wahoo have said they cant repair my unit, the best they can do is give me 20% off a new unit. Crappy response, but I'm tempted to use that on the new version to get the colour screen and faster processor.

  • Reviews out in DCRainmaker and GPLama YT channels as well. The fact that it keeps crashing in Amsterdam is bad, hope it's fixed soon.

    It's mostly smooth sailing for me in the Garmin 830 camp, my only problem is sometimes routes (RWGPS) not getting synced in time, so I have to whip out the USB cable.

  • Anyone know whether the Garmin brand out-front mounts (eg.­Extended-Out-Front-Handlebar-Mount-for-E­dge/3L1T) include a shim for 26mm bars?

  • Pretty sure it does not.

  • cheers. whats the go-to mount for 26mm bars? I can't seem to find shims for regular mounts either but high likely hood im being an idiot.

  • I just use the standard ones on skinny bars, ie. not the out front mount. I'm not sure what's available I'm afraid. I'd probably just shim one of my 31.8 mounts with rubber strips if I wanted out-front.

  • You can get most shims in various sizes from SJS. I bought a weird plastic type shim (probably for a stem) and hacksawed a slice off to make a 5mm or so shim for a standard out front mount.

  • My Garmin 1000 power button has all but disintegrated.

    Does anyone know if this can be replaced or if there is a decent workaround? I’ve found a few options that look like they may work but they all seem a bit suspect and relatively spenny.

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  • You can see my comments in this thread about the same issue a while ago.


    Short answer: your options are DIY fix or buy a new Garmin.


    Thanks for digging that out, DIY bodge it is then!

  • Mine is just left on the turbo and turned on with a pen or something. I have other units for outside. If anyone does a batch of 3D printed buttons I'd probably grab one and try a repair but it's not a deal breaker for inside use.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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