GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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  • Just turn the insert 90°

  • Hello.

    A friend kindly gave me his old Garmin Edge 800 so I could see my power and cadence when riding outdoors.

    Unfortunately I can't get it to connect to my 4iiii Precision 2.0 LH Crank PM (nor will it connect to a old wahoo tickr or new lifeline speed and cadence sensors) via ANT+. Have tried factory reset and firmware update, and the alternative method of connecting - by entering the sensor id, but with no luck. Have also tried away from the house in case router was interfering with signal.

    Is it likely that the antenna is bust? If so can I do anything to fix it?

    If not I will sell it as a nav and recording device only and will buy something else cheap to do the job. Any recommendations? Not fussed on maps etc. Just want that sweet, sweet data!

    Many thanks.

  • Garmin Edge 130 is good if you just want data. It can do navigation by a breadcrumb trail, but it's not exactly its forté. Small, light, cheap and the numbers are surprisingly visible.

  • "The 4iiii Precision broadcasts data on both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. While doing this it’ll broadcast your current power & cadence on ANT+, and your current power & cadence on Bluetooth Smart. Both of which use the standard power meter device profiles on both protocols."

    "If pairing via ANT+, you’ll be able to search and find the 4iiii Precision system via any ANT+ capable power meter head unit. It’ll then display the ANT+ ID as part of that process."­i-precision-review.html

    How long are you leaving it to pair? I can't remember on the 800 but are you selecting powermeter or something like 'all devices'?

    Another thing: can get hold of another headunit or USB ANT+ dongle and test if they receive any ANT+?

  • Thanks both.

    I've left it for ages (5mins+) and nothing happens unfortunately. Selecting powermeter as per instructions, and tried the workaround that Stages suggest for their power meters.

    Phone has ant+ and can connect to power meter when I switch bluetooth off so definitely the garmin.

  • My garmin 530 is still only syncing when it feels like it. I feel they must have broken something in an update, as it worked fine for a long time.

    Close to putting it in the bin.

    Edit: its syncing now. Perhaps moaning on here is all I needed to do.

  • I have my Wahoo Roam synced with my RidewithGPS account so that it automatically updates when connected to my phone. However I don't get turn-by-turn instructions. Is there a setting within the Wahoo, or RidewithGPS route, that I need to flip to get these notifications?

  • My edge 25 has died. What do I want to buy that is that sort of size or edge 200 sized that does "record this" and maybe "follow this"?

  • Did you drip blood into the charging port at all? I think most Garmin devices need an element of blood sacrifice to work correctly, particularly the synching.

  • That looks about right.

  • How are you creating the routes? If you plot them by clicking points on the map in the route creator tool then tbt navigation should always work.

    The only time it hasn't worked for me is when I've imported a route from a GPS file or similar. That won't have tbt navigation sadly. You need to plot it from scratch, or if I remember correctly there is a premium feature in RWGPS that can fix that.

  • I do plot them from scratch, but to ensure I don't have hundreds of routes on my wahoo at any one time I copy those I want over to a separate RWGPS account which is the one linked to the device. That may be the problem I suspect so will try plotting in the linked account and see if that's any better. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  • Did laugh.

    And no, but I did threaten to hurtle it into space.

  • Ah yeah, I feel your pain! Archiving routes is a premium feature. To be honest I might well pony up for the premium account, as I've had so much good use out of RWGPS over the years.

  • I think this is more a wahoo issue, in syncing all routes, than rwgps. With garmin it only synced pinned routes, which are then pushed to Garmin connect.
    If I had a wahoo its be a nightmare. I have 1000s of routes.

  • Any experience of fixing a tcx file that Strava says has "Corrupted time data"? Some googling suggests that it can be fixed by editing its text in notepad, but I don't know what I'm looking for.

  • Thanks, the first link only deals with .fit files, so no good for a tcx. The second one looks more hopeful, but I'm in a bit of a bind, since I don't really want to download a random bit of software, nor do I want to send a tcx file that starts from my house to a stranger on the internet to fix. I was hoping there would be some way of identifying corrupt time data by sight, so I could just edit it in Notepad.

  • You can send it to me if you want. I promise to delete it when I'm done with it.

    I help fixed some of Skinny's files for him after one of the TCRs.

  • FYI for anyone getting on the mesh WiFi hype train: Wahoo bolt only works on WiFi channels 1-9. My TP Link deco network (both guest and main one) are on channels 12 and 44, and this isn’t manually changeable - for M5s at least. So that’s why RWGPS hasn’t been syncing routes.

    There’s been tickets open on the TP link boards for well over a year and nothing doing so doesn’t seem likely to come

  • Yeah, I mentioned this in (maybe) the trainer thread after breaking my grrl's wahoo sync swapping our router to ch13.

  • Hardware limitation apparently, guess I can turn on the modem’s WiFi for this.

  • Wahoo bolt only works on WiFi channels 1-9


    channels 12 and 44, and this isn’t manually changeable - for M5s at least


    btw, channels 36+ are 5Ghz. so possibly if all/most most of your other devices can use 5Ghz, you could turn off 2.4 GHz on your M5 (if it allows you to do that) and run a separate, single 2.4Ghz AP on channel 1-9?

  • wat

    My thoughts too

    Yeah that’s a good point actually, leave the mesh happily running on 5ghz (can choose either or both bands) and have the modem on 2.4ghz to avoid interference. I’m not aware of anything else having this limitation.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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