• GPS still works on airplane mode on my iphone but I am not sure about samsungs.

    EDIT: looks like it does work on android too

  • Airplane mode turns off transmitters, not GPS receivers.

  • Well I've learnt something, always thought it did GPS as well!

  • Personally I'd avoid an old phone due to issues like battery life and touchscreens that are annoying in the rain.

    Main thing to consdier is whether you want something simple that gives you a line to follow like this:

    or a proper map

    If you're only following pre-set routes then the first is cheaper and simpler but you need to get your phone out when you're lost. The second is more flexible but obviously comes at a price.

  • .

  • How long are the ridea?

    Either use a quad lock and phone with airplane mode.
    Or get a more modern garmin. 530 or 830. Tou can shift route across bluetooth from rwgps to the garmin. And the battery on those models will last 20 hours. 830 will allow you to pan around on the map as its thouch screen, 530 is buttons and wont.

    Personally I'd be tempted by independent devices, then you've a backup.

  • Lezyne also makes some cycling computers with simple mapping, they start at sub-£100. "Lezyne Mini GPS Cycle Computer" is £80, a friend of mine has it and seems to work for him. I won't vouch for non Garmin/Wahoo products for nav/map but if budget is a concern you can give it a try and see if it performs up to spec. It shows just a trail to follow and your position just like the Garmin Edge 25 in the above reply. Tiny tiny fonts though.

  • When did this happen? Apparently it works even on ancient Garmins like mine.

  • What’s everyone using for planning at the moment? I’ve been converted from RWGPS to Komoot. Tried the new strava tool but the heatmap isn’t as good as it was - think they have so many users that all roads show up as popular roads and the auto routing isn’t great.

  • So I’ve been trying for the last week to fix the mini USB port on my garmin 810. When I connect it to the computer it doesn’t get recognised and comes up as an error in my device manager.

    Anyway, long story short I came across this and now have an easier way to upload routes to an older garmin. I thought the garmin only acted as a Bluetooth transmitter and not a receiver.

  • Just checked my Garmin Connect app on IOS and syncing courses was off by default so needed to be changed for this to work.
    And unchecked a load of routes as factories so they don’t automatically come down.

  • FYI - a bit of cross pollination

    My Garmin Edge 705 for sale....


  • If you go to http://komoot.com/g and use the code DIRTYKANZELLED you get a free region.

  • I did a 3hr ride today, recoded on my Garmin, uploaded to Connect and Strava.

    I’d like to know my average speed over the first half of the ride, is there an easy way to do that that lets me retain the full ride? Or do I just cut the ride back on Strava, get my figures then reupload the full thing? It’ll still be saved on my Edge 25 right?

  • Can you just select half the ride in either Connect or Strava and does it recalc the values like avg speed?

  • On the Analysis tab for the ride on strava you can highlight a section of the ride in the chart which gives you the speed for that segment

  • Highlighting zooms to the highlighted section of the ride but doesn't change the average.

    Attached, view of full ride and zoomed right in to a couple minutes worth of the ride where my speed was below the average shown by the dotted line and both say avg: 14.7mph.

    2 Attachments

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    • 2.jpg
  • How far had you gone after how long?


  • Weird, definitely does for me here.

    1 Attachment

    • Screenshot_20200527-201440.png
  • Got it in Strava, cheers.

    Selecting the first half of the ride in Strava analyses that part, doing the same in Connect just zooms to that part.

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  • Next question, my Garmin is an Edge 25 which has a relatively low sample rate I believe, which can be seen in the trace not following the path but jumping in straight lines between points on the path.

    The straight lines are obviously a shorter route than the actual path.

    Does this mean that I'm effectively getting stinted out of some mileage?

    I uploaded to Strava from Connect and Strava shows my actual route. Connect says I did 54.33 miles, Strava 54.32miles so they are working something out differently but the difference is too small and in the wrong direction for it to be the difference between following the path and jumping in straight lines.

    EDIT: It seems not, just drew the route of my ride out in Mapmyride and the mileage is if anything, slightly short of what Garmin and Strava have.

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  • or Strava

    Just sayin' :P

  • Huh? Sorry, not sure what that's in response to.

  • Looking to get a Garmin Edge Explore. Is there any reasons why it should be avoided? Had thought about a 530 but the additional stuff looks like stuff I’ll never be planning to use. Don’t care about power meter connecting, training or on device strava segments or any of that. I’m after guidance and mapping and also on the fly routing and obviously tracking. Touchscreen makes me a bit apprehensive but it doesn’t look to be a problem in most circumstances. The lower battery life is also a worry but states 12 hours (as a max) still which will be ok a majority of the time and my current ancient 605 that I’m using has basically no battery retention so is plugged into my battery pack the whole time on any ride I use it on.

  • I have the same thoughts.

    Explore could navigate you to address/POI, and it has a bigger screen with touch.

    However, 530 is smaller, it has a better battery life and the same maps IIRC. Also, it could recalculate route on the fly using their own heatmaps, and it has tonnes and tonnes features which probably I won't use but hey maybe I will, and not all of them require a power meter. It's black also.

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