GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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  • As above the etrex series coupled with two sets of eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries make a long lasting and rugged device.

  • Thanks, exactly what I'm looking for and it's so ugly that I won't have to remember to take it into shops.

  • Stories of Garmin's customer service tactic of telling people to PX for new units rather than repair is pushing me towards the idea of buying a Roam. Can anyone tell me:

    1. Is Wahoo's CS any better?

    2. Given that there's no lap by position on Wahoo, does anyone know if I'd be able to create a custom interval workout based on a Strava segment lap? For instance 1 lap at a certain h/r BPM, 2 laps recovery, or whatever...

  • I’m sure auto lap by location is an option on my Bolt...

  • All I can find on the subject is some old forum posts moaning about it's absence.

  • Pretty sure it’s not. Just distance.

  • Ok, another one. I'm making do with my old ancient Garmin Oregon for now. On a recent Audax using the GPX provided by the organiser I was getting turn by turn alerts, which I didn't know I could do. I'm assuming the difference was in the file. Does anyone know of its possible to do this kind of thing with a partially off road route?

    edit: think I've got it, 'add to cuesheet' in RWGPS

    Double edit: changing routing to 'walking' seems to add them automatically for the most part.

  • Seeking advice, looking at getting a device for route planning/navigation. Don't have a smartphone, but do have a tablet (that stays at home, never on rides), so all planning/routing will be done at home, pre ride. Who is currently offering the best device that offers clear directions and can reroute if a wrong turn is taken. Don't need it to give me heart rate/oxygen/watts/ or answer my emails on the fly, don't do Strava or owt like that, bit of a luddite really, don't suggest an os map, my pockets are pretty full already when I'm on a ride.

  • Sounds like the etrex range would suit. I used a etrex 30 for years. Mount is pretty shit though.

  • Had to get my elemnt bolt replaced due to a button peeling off. Hopefully get it tomorrow. It's been different cycling without a computer since Monday.

  • Cheers, will have a look at that.

  • Did we discuss this? Not sure how I missed it­mo/leomo-type-s/description

    That said, when will someone make an app that works on the android phone I have. Bike computers should be a thing of the past.

    For most people (no powermeter) rwgps app is more than capable as it, like strava too etc.

    My Samsung s9 has ant+ so there is no reason it cant be a bike computer.

  • If you want a flakey Android based cycle computer, there's already the Hammerhead Karoo. I've got one. It sucks.

  • Adam Hansen has been using their kit for ages. I'm yet to be convinced of its usefulness though, I mean, for me. Maybe if you do nothing else except race and wait in hotels to race, sure. Personally, I barely have time to look at power data as it is and I'm not likely to fuck about with the extra stuff Leomo throws out. It's more likely something I'd want to play around with for a weekend but not own.

  • Yes I'm very glad I backed out of that while I could.

    Ok I'll move on to the next hype item.

  • Garmin touring is what I had. Explore is the newest version. No need for anything else unless you use a power meter

  • Anyone using the Stages range of GPS computers?

  • Cheers. Not gonna do owt til new year, plenty of time to read up. Explore looks like the best of what I've considered at the moment.

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GPS tech ( Garmin , Hammerhead , Wahoo , RWGPS , etc)

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