• So the battery life of my og Elemnt seems to have turned to shit lately. I get something like 4 hours out of it now just riding, no backlight, no turn by turn. Anyone else got this? Could it be software related? Is it possible to change the battery?

  • I did, I compare it with the ex's Elemnt Bolt whose battery life is technically shorter than OG, but have twice as much battery left, send it to warranty.

  • Thanks I’ll try that altough i believe its technically beyond the warranty time...

  • Is there a way to make my Wahoo combine my morning and evening commute into one ride?

  • Pause it in-between...

  • I tried that but when it turned off it stopped the ride.

    So I googled it and apparently that the pause has to be within 6 hours of turning it off for it to pick up the ride.

  • Work less, ride bike more

  • Does anyone who uses Komoot know whether their maps tend to have special offers or not. I quite like it (particularly as it's decent for planning walking where there don't seem to be as many websites) but £30 is steep for all the maps and the individual ones are pricey.

  • I messaged them saying I missed their offer when it was half price and they refunded me half. YMMV

  • Cheers. I don't think I'm keen enough to buy it and gamble on a refund so I guess I'll just keep an eye out for a discount.

  • I have been just using the strava app on my phone, I want to get a gps head unit with mapping so I can plot and download routes to get further off the beaten track. I don’t have a laptop to connect anything to, just an iPad. Are there any units that make this possible?

  • Whilst maybe not particularly helpful to your situation, I can plug my garmin into my phone via a USB OTG cable. The phone sees the garmin as a removable device. If using online mapping sites the gpx file can be transferred directly to the garmin. The phone needs to have enough oomph to power up the garmin. My old galaxy s4 can so I suspect most newer phones will be capable.

  • The wahoos only need WiFi to download routes from Strava/komoot/etc or upload rides to Strava. Mine has never been plugged into a laptop.

    Garmins may well work in the same way - I haven't used one.

  • Bought an Elemnt Bolt last weekend, after the Garmin 810 had unaccountably shut down twice during a HH track session.

    First thoughts: why didn't I do this two years ago? Setup takes no time. Display defaults are intuitive. The app makes everything easy to change. No maps to load. It doesn't turn itself off unexpectedly mid-ride (sometimes losing data on the process). Turn by turn works just fine (on Gran Canaria at least).

    I now realise my Garmin had induced in me a tech version of Stockholm syndrome. I kept apologizing for it, even though I've known for years it was shit.

    I might still keep it in a drawer for emergencies, but I hope never to have to use it again.

  • Gran Canaria

    You there/here at the moment?

  • Thanks for the replies, wahoo it is.

  • Aye! In Agaete, heading home Tuesday. You?

  • The other new thing I've been doing this time is using Komoot for route planning, which is an absolute game changer. Lets you see once you've plotted what you think is the best route exactly which bits of the route are what surface (asphalt, gravel, path, "alpine". If you're like me, ie. the sort of person who leaves plotting routes to the last minute, it will make you much less prone to accidental off road sections. Again, syncs with the Bolt absolutely seamlessly through the smartphone app.

    Another area where I'd spent the last 18 months thinking Garmin Connect was good enough for my purposes, and why do I need another mapping app in my life. Wrong.

  • Tejeda. Staying until Sunday. All through Gran Canaria's annual week of rain apparently.

  • Very nice. I haven't made it as far as the Valley of the Tears from here, so I've spared myself that particular shame.

    Also, there's part of the GC-200 that's closed around Tirma if you're planning a day in Tamadaba!

  • Ah, useful to know. We tried the GC200 last time and it was shut. I was trying to find out last night if it was open at the moment, but couldn't find any info.

    I think we have the VoT scheduled for tomorrow.

  • Anyone got a Wahoo TT mount they aren't using/ no longer need?

  • Enjoy!

    That road closure looks pretty permanent. Armco across the road, couple of head-size chunks of cliff fallen off and not been cleared.

    FWIW weather had been better on the coast, even when rain's been forecast.

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  • ffs. o&o.

  • Bit soon that.

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