Profile Name / Value Pairs

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  • Any chance we can put links in the value field?

    At the moment you can put in a url and it will create a link but you can't change the link text - is there a way for it to support the insert link syntax from the general discussion input field?

    ie: (url= text(/url) -but with square brackets

  • Hmmm.



    The BBCode stuff is an extension, it is only applied to the discussions and would be very difficult to apply that to the name/value pairs.

  • you're useless


  • the red crow flies at dawn...

  • What? I just added to a Test Name/Value.
    Check my profile. ??

  • but i wanted to be able to change the link text, something like this:

    your website

  • Ahh gotcha! I guess you'll have to settle for the Name part providing enough info

  • that was just a cunning ploy to get people to look at your blog really, wasn't it ;)

    I don't know what you mean
    I would never promote any of the crap content on that site
    It's not cool using forums for your own means

    (No, really it was the first URL in my head to test with)

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Profile Name / Value Pairs

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