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  • Rollapaluza's Roller-Racing extravaganzas get their own site. is now up with reports, photos, details of upcoming events....please visit.

    If you have any pics or other media of previous Rollapaluza events let me know and I can add the link to the growing Rolla-resource...'ta.

  • Cool.
    Hang on.. is it moving away from being a courier thing? Party appearances and stuff?

  • you gonna race?

  • Perhaps. They're good fun.

  • Our own Rollapaluza "branded" events are courier orientated with others always welcome...of course.

    however, our rollers spend a lot of time unused so people can hire them out or book the team and eqpt for their own events....anything considered!

  • I'm a scummy slow mid-fielder. No stamina and take too long to wind up to top speed.. working on that..
    On the other hand, I can outdrink all the skinny fsckers. Mwuahahaha!

  • LFGSS team entry? ;)

  • I was thinking the same.

  • i'd be down with that. although the last time i tried the rollers i nearly puked. but i'm fitter now. really.

  • sounds like a good idea to me.

  • puking?

  • Me too.

  • I'll go and drink beer and laugh

  • I can ride rollers AND puke..

    .. and birds say guys can't multi-task.. pfft!!

  • can we sign jos up for our team

  • you're only supposed to race for 500m

  • thats alright he'll win the 500m too !!

  • i know but it's getting him to stop at 500m that i was worried about

  • hippy LFGSS team entry? ;)

    Hell yeah, I'd be up for that :)

  • 60 mph holy cow batman

  • That's how much the wind is slowing you down. I think we should create a petition to stop the wind.
    Actually my workmates would appreciate that here.. damn.. spicy pork yesterday is killa! :P

  • get Ken and lcc on the case they will sort it out.

  • The CTC and co. did a good job with the petition for rewording the 'must use bike facilities' thingie.. :)

  • i though i was going to puke down myself on the way home the other night,
    drinking tillyou cant see then riding is a BAD idea...

    but kinda fun

  • Until you hit a parked car like one of the guys in this company did.. and smashed his face in.
    I wasn't here to see the results but I've been told about it often enough hopping onto a bike a little 'tipsy'

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