Highgate Hill?

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  • Since its quite a nice day, i think im gonna go round highgate, who's up for it? (THREAD STARTED 12:21pm)

  • Aah, sorry just got back from there - BringMeMyFix just caned me up nearly every hill in North London! This afternoon will be dedicated to beer, but if this weather holds then I'm up for things like this all summer.

  • Bringmemyfix is a MACHINE. I can't believe how fast that guy is.

  • Yeah - I'd like to do more of these. I'm still chasing the grimpeur ghost of my former self, but he's younger, lighter, and more of a machine.

    I'm knackered now, having spent 6 hours with my 7-month-old son. He's definitely a machine. We once watched him rock back and forth on all fours for 2 hours non-stop whilst listening to Venetian Snares...


  • That video is hilarious, show it to his girlfriend in 15 years.

    I'm also knackered, so many roadies to race around highgate! Have you finished all your exams? My last one was yesterday, i'm free!

  • He was flirting outrageously with the baby girl sat next to him at the Barbican gourmet baby thing. Could be the start of something serious...

    Yeah, exams all done, placement finished (had some bizarre experiences like joining in a 'World Dance' class at the City Lit with adults with learning disabilities), and the council contractors have almost finished trashing our domicile.

    Got some work lined up with http://www.companyofcyclists.com around Bike Week, and then it's a month of teaching in Highgate - might get some hills in on the commute :-0

    Hope your exams went well. What's next for you?

  • Well, it's just dawned on me that i have 4 summer holiday. Unfortunately, i don't have much money, so i guess i'll get a job for a month. I want to go touring around southern france so i suppose i'll need some money. Other than that, just riding. Fancy a ride tomorrow?

    BBC weather shows a sun shining forecast for sunday!

  • Can't do tomorrow - earmarked for completing a final (non-assessed) assignment about the service provision on my placement. We have to present it next year, and if I don't do it now, I'll forget everything that happened.

    Touring in France sounds fun. My mate did a pilgrimage to Mont Ventoux last year - he also has an unhealthy obsession with riding up hills (although riding down them proved more unhealthy when he had his first fit as a late-onset epileptic aged 30, doing about 30mph near Crystal Palace, and woke up in hospital 3 days later with no recollection of the past week).

    I'll watch the boards for future rides, and let you know if I'm planning any as well. There's a little circuit round Epping Forest that a few of us do from time to time, that's easy to ride to from Central/East London...

    Maybe you could get a job as a London Transport ticket inspector ;-p

  • hey lpg are you doing the polo ? come down today brick lane 1 o'clock

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Highgate Hill?

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