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  • So after spending most of Sunday in the rain going to Southend I decide that Monday would be a day of rest as it were, catch up on some chores etc.
    Maybe should have taken a moment to clean up my bike?

    Tonight I've gone for a quick ride and as I've swung my bike around to get it out the door I hear the very distinct noise of water inside my frame!
    Is it going to be a case of removing everything from the bike and seeing where it comes out? or are there some obvious places to try first?
    Anyone had his kind of problem before or, as usual, is Lady Luck fucking with me yet again!

    Obviously need to sort this asap, what with it being a steel frame 'n' all :-/

  • What sort of bike/steel is it. When I went to be fitted at Mercian they told me if I chose the (mega expensive) Reynolds 859 that I would never have to worry about rust as it is almost stainless steel. I chose the bottom Reynolds 631, It better not be Iron when I get it!

  • It's an 80's Diamant frame, Reynolds 531.

    Upon closer inspection I've discovered that when I spin the wheels, I can hear water.
    So I think maybe there's water in the tyres somehow It's too late to start faffing around with my bike so I'll take a closer look tomorrow. Hopefully it'll just be that.

  • Mine has a slotted BB shell as well as vent holes in the stays. You can tip the bike up to drain it out. Water can get under your tyres but not normally enough to 'slosh'!
    Just ride it fast enough tomorrow that the air resistance heats it up and evaporates any h2o.. or shake it 'round to find the water.. or save it for next ride drinkies..

  • water can get into the rims, between the walls. that's what it is.

    tyres of or deflate first , the water will come out of the valve holes

  • there should be drain holes to the rear of the frame near the dropouts tilt bike backwards and you should see water pour out onto your nice new beige hall carpet !! as for the wheels did you park in a puddle ?

    i worked on the 4th floor of a building in picadilly and used to ride every day whatever weather was doing after one particularly heavy rain i took the bike up to the office and at lunch went out to see a pool of grey water on a nice new carpet just outside the door where i stood getting my key out and then a trail of grey muddy water all the way up the four flights of stairs i think it happened a couple of times the building owners weren't too happy

  • RPM water can get into the rims, between the walls. that's what it is.

    tyres of or deflate first , the water will come out of the valve holes

    yep, that's what I'm thinking. Have deflated this morning, will go back this eve. and take off if still there.

  • Another good idea is to drill a drain hole in your BB shell (if it doesn't already have one). Take the BB out, look for the lowest part of the shell and drill a 5 or 6mm hole. Will allow water to constantly drain out from the lowest point of the frame.

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