London to Thorpe Park (Surrey) 09th June

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  • yep, fantastic day, really enjoyed it. Weather was great, no crashes or punctures although Roberto's pedal was funked which hindered him slightly I think.
    Nice route down there too.

    Thorpe Park was hilarious, great rides. Although queueing for 70 minutes for Collusus was (almost) too much.

  • what a smashin' day! Great ride there and back and Thorpe Park was amazing!

    pooped now though

  • thanks mareeoh,it was a right see you guys tomorrow,im going to take it easy as im so fucking knacked..............

  • so do I do I ,
    i might go down tomorrow but maybe not for so long, have loads to do...

    photos online soon!!

    goodnews , next bank holiday will me monday 27th August ...
    it means, London to Cardiff!!!

    hahahahaa here we go again!!

  • you should if not for the polo then for the begals.

  • Some pics...

  • aidan do you ever change cloths? its allways the blue polo dhirt and blue denims innit

  • haaa piss off jeff,its just a coincedence

  • if you had come to the naked ride you wouldnt have this problem...

  • i know,you see when my mum bought all my clothes she didnt take into account that people would notice they were all the same.....stupid mum.i think seeing you naked would have caused me serious mental problems.....somthing i would like to avoidx

  • damn i will just have to find another way to inflict them upon you

  • ummm im going to have nightmares now,thanks! night night! see ya tommorow

  • not if i see you frist

  • L2TP (the movie)

    I still didn`t upload the photos, I did a movie!!

    so you guys can check in my myspace webpage...

    if is not there yet try again in some minutes, uploading!!! (13 mb)

    ps: soundtrack of the park was wonderful !! haha

  • photos in my flickr

    mareeoh`s flickr

  • made a mistake, i`ll upload again soon!!

    missing a movie in the end...

  • that video is so funny,every photo of roberto is brilliant.perfect song!

  • "Oh my god!!!"

    Mareeoh can't see the video you posted, can you send us a You Tube link?

  • i'd be looking scared if Jim from neighbours was sitting behind me....

  • who's with the serious tats? Roberto?
    most impressive.

    mine are all shit and old, really want to cover them all up with new stuff, but it's SO expensive these days..

  • wow mario the editing is well good,nice work! such a great day!!!!!

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London to Thorpe Park (Surrey) 09th June

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