London to Thorpe Park (Surrey) 09th June

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  • For some people can be a silly idea or some can be a nice one, I go:

    Ride from Seven Dials , Covent Garden to Thorpe Park (Surrey) , distance about 25 mile.
    Thorpe Park
    tickets to get in about £20 if you book online.

    I do like theme parks so If someone here wants to mix the ride with the theme park join me and lets go...
    Can be on the 9th or on the 16th (17th is the L2B BHF) and as it is not far we can back riding so total will be 50 miles. Or get the train back with a group discount is quite cheap...

    I know some people will hate this idea and maybe some will love...anyway feel free to join!!!

  • I'm pretty committed for the whole of June and July already, what with the TdF, Etape, Dunwich Dynamo, L2B and training.

    Looks a damn good idea though, so I'm going to be envious of those who can do it.

  • I'm down for this ! no doubt unless its raining, theme parks and rain aint a good combo, shame i missed l2sos, but the rain was to bad and was building my new wheel ....

  • I may be up for this on the 9th as I'm on the L2B on the 17th. It would be good practice for me to ride in a group, even if it's a small one as I tend to always ride alone. Don't know if I'd be into riding back as well as I'd want to stay fresh (ish) for the following week. Getting up to Seven Dials in Covent Garden would add another 10 miles for me anyway. But yeah, pencil me in.

  • Awesome idea. I like theme parks - rollercoaster junkie. Count me in.

  • 10 day forecast

    cool, yeah wont be good with the Rain but we have to buy the ticket before, so if we are going to the 9th we need to buy the ticket around 4th of june...
    Hopefully the weather will be good, the 10 day says that will be better!! cross fingers...

    I think its a better idea to go on the 9th coz some people wanna ride the L2B on the 17th


    **L2TP - 9th of June , Seven Dials 8:00 am ** (park open times 9:30 - 18:00)

    thorpe park map...

  • If we have 10 people or more and if we can buy the tickets together we can get a small discount
    would be £16.20 per person to get in

  • Count me in. Haven't been to this park before, got some good rides I've heard.

  • Bummer. You'll have to cross my name off. I'm on this yoga teachers day down in Wandsworth. All day event, so that's me out. Shame.

  • i'm down for this

  • Cool, so till the moment


    dt (damnham)

  • dt (damnham) i'm down for this

    Unrelated: What's with the changing nick? damnham.. damnham (dt).. dt (damnham).. It could be my imagination..

  • ha, yup - sick of my old nick so wanted to change it - but thought id ease it in rather than going for a blunt change :)

  • cool.
    'blunt change' would be a cool nick. :)
    'blunt trauma' for the violent types perhaps.

  • My cousin is visiting me this weekend, she's not much of a cyclist so I'll have to miss this one. Have a good one!

  • we dont have loads of people but i dont mind
    how about the tickets ??

    Im thinking in buy it next tuesday ...
    how about u guys?

  • would buying them together make it any cheaper?

  • nope coz we don`t have 10 or more people ...
    so will be the same £18 I think buying online
    i might buy tomorrow

  • have realized that if you buy a single ticket is £24 , if you buy in a group of 5 - 9 its £18
    so who wants the ticket???

    im going to buy for me, roberto, mark ....need at least more 2!!

    the forecast say max 28 sunny ...

    im going to buy tomorrow the tickets so let me know asap..

  • count me in!

  • yup, I'm definitely down so count me in.

    Thanks for sortin this mareeoh

  • im up for it to,i would like it if you could get me a ticket but if you can't ill get it

  • cool..
    please, give me your phone numbers so i`ll call you guys tomorrow in the evening telling about the tickets

    dt damnham

    i`ll buy then we can meet friday evening at J.Snow so i can get the money and give the tickets

    cool, will be a nice ride and good fun in the park

  • they dont let me on the rides, last time i blagedit was the last time i had an asthma attack... not something i like hapening, so im going to give it a miss, might rideabit with ya though

  • This is doing my head in, another cool sounding ride (and I LOVE roller coasters) which I can't make.

    On the other hand, the reason I can't is coz i will be on the train / ferry on my way here. Not all bad news :-)

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London to Thorpe Park (Surrey) 09th June

Posted by Avatar for mareeoh @mareeoh