Polo on Sunday????

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  • or the hackney pirates

  • Stef and a guest appearence for the last 4 to 4 match

    and what a guest appearance that was! it was good having 4 on 4,it made it even more exciting and difficult

  • ... shoreditch twats
    ... banglatown cobras
    ... the wideboys
    ... bethnalgreen tramps ;)

  • the top one

  • London fags

    It's a hustle, as well as almost the domain name.

  • or briclane boys? lol

  • Mullet Kings

  • haaa thats it flow, mullets

  • speaking of Mullets we need proper Mallets!!
    what happened to the yellow piping from max? We need to cut it in (straight) sections; and screw it to ski poles. You can't even imagine how much better it is to play with a proper mallet.
    I have no tools and no workshop so can't help much, but will try to find the ingredients for a good set of mallets. Someone mentioned a charity shop in Clapham with ski poles - we need to catch these!


  • i think you should base the design around the "wasp"

  • ski poles!

    Maybe there should be a mallet repair kit that should float around. I seem to break at least one every week.

  • i gave the rest of the piping to someone and a few mallets were made when you left.. i don't know what happened to them, lads?

  • i cant remember if some one took the rest or not

  • Glow where did you get the piping?

  • TheBrick(Tommy) Glow where did you get the piping?

    from a building site outside my estate, there might still be some there, but there are road works outside the bagel shop on brickers which have some decent tubing

  • Stef or briclane boys? lol

    brick lane boosh you mean

    the east end indysnobs

    the hackney hypsters...

    i spent too much time around art students this week.

  • oh and the dalston drop outs

  • obviously.. can't imagine the look on one of the large bald men in the white lion if you called him and east end indysnob

  • ill do it for £50, but i have to be out side sititng on my bike...

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Polo on Sunday????

Posted by Avatar for jonaent_(Jon) @jonaent_(Jon)