2 Questions and help with my Mercian Build!

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  • Ok, here's some questions for you - I have some money put aside for when my Mercian arrives..... enough money to cover it with real good components! So I have some decisions to make - do I build a Dura Ace wheelset?

    or a LeVel wheelset using the cool LeVel hub that hubjub love so much?? I like the look of the high-flange Dura Ace hubs - but I don't know whether the LeVel is just better becuase it can be respaced to any size for future use on conversions...

    Also, the Dura Ace BB is Octalink - and of course it's matching track chainset is Octalink also - this is expensive and I don't know whether it's worth it, I have my eye on a good old Stronglight with square taper for a third of the price.... I can afford the dura ace it, but I want to know what the benefits are.... so don't hold back on your suggestions for my Mercian - I'd like to keep the wheelset with the same hubs, but apart from that I'd just like to finally get some really great componants that I can have for life.

  • dura ace aren't sealed so no goo in the wet...they're the best tho, if you have cash get phil woods maybe?

  • I think it depends on what you are going to use the bike for

    If it's a daily ride than you'd be better with a sealed bearing i.e Phils

    If it's a sunday bike or indoor track bike go for the Dura-Ace

  • square taper cranks would allow for more flexibility the octalink limits you to shimano unless you change both crank and bb i think

    campy record cranks i always thought they looked a bit old fashioned but the more i see them the more i like second hand ones on ebay come around quite regularly and i think they are good quality

    something like this i think would look nice

    it is a strada but will work for a fixed without any issues crank bolts and chainring 144bcd will sort it all out just the chainline then

  • sugino super mighty ? nice

  • If you want to have components you can keep for life then get the Phils esp if you're going to be riding in the wet a lot. They also work well for track racing (if you get serious you can easily upgradge the bearings to low resistance cermanic ones). You only need to change the bearings every couple of years where as the DAs have to be serviced regularly to keep 'em smooth.

  • hippy http://www.thehippy.net/gallery/displayi­mage.php?album=60&pos=3

    I love double crown forks like that on your bike.

  • I love double crown forks and all I was going to ask for them for my next build, can you still get them..?

  • When I spoke to Witcomb about a replacement fork crown, he seemed to indicate that the double plate fork crown lugs aren't being made anymore. You have to find them NOS. I spent a long time looking for a double fork crown before having to admit defeat

    For example Ceeway (http://www.framebuilding.com/Fork%20Crow­ns.htm) and Nova (http://www.novacycles.com/catalog/index.­php?cPath=44_378), which are major suppliers of Framebuilding stuff do not have double crowns. Neither do Henry James, Pacenti etc.

    I have seen a few on modern bikes like a Pegoretti and others. But I'm not sure if these where NOS lugs or someone handcrafted a few. They do seem to be a rarity these days.

  • thorn bikes have a double crown but it supper beefy for touring / expiditions so someone out there does make double plate fork crown drilled at least. May be the same company that thorn get there supplies from make a track double plate fork crown?

  • Did Condor's Paris-Galibier have a double crown? I can't find any good images of its front-end.

  • Count me in for some double plate fork crown loving:

  • Does anyone have anything to say for the LeVel hub?

  • jonaent Does anyone have anything to say for the LeVel hub?

    I don't like proprietary stuff, generally.
    They do sound interesting though.

  • hippy I don't like proprietary stuff, generally.....

    I don't get what you mean?

  • "The special cog fits".. "special".. as in, non-standard. Anything non-standard, although sometimes better, can be a real pain to get parts for. If manufacturer goes tits up, for example, where do you get your cogs from?
    Something to consider, that's all. I like the fact you can change the spacing and I'm sure the removal of cogs would be easier than the usual chainwhip method. Cost is also higher as they are the only company making cogs..
    Think Mac vs. PC perhaps.

  • Yes I see your point..... I think I wont go for the LeVels anyway.... but lets not get started on a mac PC debate - we all know that Macs are better ;-p

  • Why I oughta..

    Oh, wait, you use a Mac, you're just delusional then.. it'll pass.. :P

  • Ididn't like to say nothing but them Levels would not look 'right' on a Mercian

  • Yes, I agree

  • the-smiling-buddha http://platedforkcrown.blogspot.com/

    haha sweet! I'm gonna send him my NotAGibson.

  • I spoke to a few guys on a frame building fourm (I am planning a build eventually lotts to learn though) and the genral thought there is that double plate forks are not hard to make. Just wip something up in your favourate CAD program for the plates and take t down a machine shop to get a run done. Then build your fork as usual. By ofsetting the fork blade holes by 1 mm this also allows you to simply flip over the lower plate if you fancy a straight blade fork or keep the whole aligned for a traditional curved fork. Maybe a project for the future, a small run.

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2 Questions and help with my Mercian Build!

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