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  • Great film. Absolutely fucked me!

  • I watched Lone Star off the back of this recommendation. Enjoyed it a fair bit! Aesthetically it's a bit dated though. Very mid 90s looking somehow.

  • Everything, Everywhere, All at Once..

    wow, Michelle Yeoh and supporting cast deserve an Oscar for the fight choreography. Mrs M and I thoroughly enjoyed it, still talking about it. Need to watch again on the big screen

  • Good start for EEAAO, two nominated categories in, two awards won. Obvs jinxed it.

  • The real story of the 95th academy awards was getting to watch this treat in one of the ad breaks:­5SA&t=2s

  • @CYOA

    Brilliant news :)))
    Brilliant back stories too :)))

    Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have created such a good script, amazing characters across the multiverse.. it’s obvious that this was dedicated to their mothers, and what it takes to keeping their sh*t together.

    Absurdism as a philosophical movement is an extension of, or divergence from, Existentialism, which focuses on the pointlessness of mankind and specifically the emotional angst and anxiety present when the existence of purpose is challenged.

    Existentialist and agnostic perspectives are explored in absurdist novels and theatre in their expression of plot and characters.

    the term commonly refers to forms of existential nihilism, according to which life is without intrinsic value, meaning, or purpose.

    I knew nothing about this film, Mrs M wanted to see it, we had date night with loads of popcorn.

    This story covers so many genres and plot lines, I reckon it’ll be part of future film student’s curriculum.

  • Just caught Akira at the PCC and forgot how trippy it is. The sound was especially wild.

  • Two hours in and watching someone burn down his career makes me feel good about some of the choices I made.

  • Willy’s Wonderland. Dreadful.

    I’m all for the phenomenon of “Nic Cage elevates a mediocre script by virtue of irrepressible Nic Cage-iness”, but this isn’t even a mediocre script, Nic doesn’t really deliver the goods, and the whole thing is a charmless slog. It is short, though, so you don’t have to suffer for too long.

  • I did warn you!

  • Hellraiser, shite
    Rambo Last Blood, shite
    Infinity Pool, shite
    Plane, fun

  • I watched Boston strangler last night and was pleasantly surprised. Keira was actually able to keep her pout out of the film and played the part really well.
    If you liked Zodiac I think you would probably like this too.

  • Not always an easy watch but i thought Clemency with Alfre Woodard was excellent. Powerful prison drama, very well acted and avoided the usual good/bad tropes of similar material. It's been on my want to watch list for a while but i hadn't seen it anywhere until it came onto the Iplayer.

    Depressing it got overlooked by the big awards and that before this i knew her best for playing Tiny Tim's mum in Scrooged.


    Date night with Mrs M to see this ^
    Apparently the millennials version of Notting Hill, lol

    edit: great locations filled with colour, sharp wit and bantz, slick camera work, fine acting, uplifting, streetwise rom-com

    Bringing Richard Curtis format to a new generation in the capital.

    PeckhamPlex for the world premiere screening two weeks ago, how fckuing cool is that

  • Batman (2022): Really good Riddler, good penguin, but.......... cramming too much into one movie.

    The Nolan run just kept it simpler and didn't try to introduce ALLLLL the characters in one go, if they would have kept it to just the Riddler and focussed on why he became like that (which the comic book does) and then cut out the extra stuff and go hard on what's going on in the city I think it would have been shorter stronger movie and the husband would not have been bored ;)


    Looking forward to watching this.

    Everyman Canary Wharf, whilst pricey-doors is a lovely cinema

  • The fucking state of that 😂

  • Nil By Mouth now streaming on BFI. Brutal film.

    Missed that it got a re-release late last year, not that I think I readily want to put myself through it again.­v/03/nil-by-mouth-review-gary-oldmans-ov­erwhelming-study-of-family-violence

  • Definitely don't watch 'The war zone' then... 😬

  • Oh god I’d actually conflated the two in my mind. Another to proceed with extreme caution.

  • The War Zone is one of those films I kind of wish I hadn't watched.

  • Same. There's one moment in particular that is so utterly horrifying.

  • I bet I know exactly which moment you mean 😢

  • Fucking Mary and Max again, absolutely ruined me. A friend from work has started up a film club at one of the locals, first one was last night. She recommended that film the first time I watched it and I was little tearful towards the end (which is quite a lot for me), this time I was sat in the back of a pub crying at a table for most of it as I remembered how it felt at the end last time but was hit with how much I relate to the title characters all the way through and had forgotten that point. Really recommend if you've not seen it, especially if you're a bit weird.

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