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  • Surprisingly I felt really let down by The Banshees of Inisherin. I felt it never really developed. Great acting by the entire cast though.

  • I couldn't tell if this was a spoof or not initially. I'm pretty sure I Think You Should Leave predicted this. Looks fun af though.

  • I just took an unsuspecting friend to see Pink Flamingos at the Prince Charles. So good.

  • Saw boling point yesterday in the theater. The crowd was completely stressed out by the end of it. Me included, am not going to forget that one. Also quite in awe of the production.

  • I saw TÁR last night at the cinema and it was really fantastic. I know awards don't 'actually' matter, but Cate Blanchett should win everything this year. Gad damn.

  • Which boiling point?

  • Wakanda Forever today, it’s quite dark, plot is a bit all over the place as are the character motivations, but still worth seeing, it looked good in 3D. One highlight was the new good guys/bad guys updating an old childhood weapon of choice.

  • Cheers I’m part way through it…

    I thought you may have been referring to

  • This was so good

  • Part way? Don't tell me you didn't watch this in one take 😅

  • So good! Unbelievably stressful.

  • All seemed pretty slow paced and calm in the kitchen for an overbooked restaurant. Apart from that though

  • I found the production and some of the acting of the front of house staff a bit Hollyoaks, and that broke the spell

  • Absolutely loved Boiling Point, summed up working in a kitchen very well.

  • Gonna add this to my list. Fireworks by the same director is a real favourite of mine.

  • Hellraiser: 2022

    Not bad, but also not sure if it adds anything. The lore/Cenobites are so good though, perhaps it will revitalise the franchise. It also did look good I have to say and the acting was decent.

    Seen Hellraiser1/2,stopped at 3 (meh), read all the comics so that maybe doesn't help :)

  • Been waiting for that. Where did you see it? Was expecting to see it on Disney, but doesn’t seem to be showing.

  • A24 double bill over the weekend. Wasn't looking forward to Everything Everywhere all at once (girlfriends choice) but once past the first 20 minutes i found myself enjoying it. Had high hopes for X (my choice) but thought it was a complete dud. Pastiche and not scary at all.

    Deathstalker 2 on Sunday morning didn't live up to the artwork.

  • YouTube UK has it for £3.50

    Yeah strange it's not streaming as Hulu commissioned it...

  • Sonatine
    And violent cop are from that same run

    His Zatoichi is good too

  • Disney shit the bed at a trans woman being a Disney Princess

  • I think I miss the context here...

    Disney is very clearly choosing the £££ over representation for LGBTQ+ characters, but AFAIK Pinhead is a cis female here.

    This also happens in one of the comics btw before the "real" Pinhead returns.

    If such things even matter for the Cenobites...actually thinking about it a trans character may fit in with that universe. Up to Clive Barker of course.

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