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  • Love that place. I'm off to see Stalker there next Saturday.

  • There are a few Kurosawa films coming up at The Prince Charles cinema. I saw Sanjuro there a couple of weeks ago, which was really good samurai film, very funny as well.

  • Had no idea there's a new Beavis and Butthead film. That's tonight's viewing sorted

  • I watched it last night, it's very Beavis and Butthead.

  • So... Crimes of the future.
    It's fucking terrible!
    So fucking terrible that I still watched it all the way through! 😂
    The only thing I liked was Kristen Stewarts weird twitchy talking for some reason.
    The special effects felt very Videodrome, which given the gap between them isn't really anything to be proud of.

    Interested to hear others opinions.

  • Was massively disappointed too. Though was hiding from a heatwave in a cold cinema so watched until the end.

    Visually I did get something from it. But they fucked up a reasonable idea with the most tedious dialogue.

  • I was finding Sauls constant throat clearing ridiculousness really fucking annoying too. 😂

  • Ah fuck, I was really looking forward to it! I'll probably still watch it...

  • Scanners on All4

  • a movie for sensualists, not quality-control experts

    I finally got around to watching Bohemian Rhapsody streaming on Channel 4. And despite mixed reviews on release, I enjoyed it.

    Particularly the point that Queen was not well received when they formed as a band of misfits, playing for misfits, doing things differently..

    ..who doesn’t love a misfit, when Kenny Everett plays that song in full on Capital Radio

  • Saw Elvis today, more style than substance but it looks great, sounds great and the early Memphis years were well shot. I didn’t know much about that period and until now had been informed by the line in Fight The Power. It’s got me intrigued to do some background reading. I’d watch again.

  • Been watching a few 80's films I'd forgotten about this week whilst I fester with Covid

    Something Wild (1986) - Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels, Ray Liotta. Bit of a curious one, reminds me a little of the much better Scorsese 'comedy' After Hours. Ray Liotta is pretty good, but it's a really dumb plot and it falls so flat so often. 6/10

    A nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - Don't think I've watched this since it first came out. I remember it being a lot better! Some of the most wooden acting you'll ever see. There are a couple of decent moments with Freddie, mainly his constant evil chuckling which is kinda creepy/funny. FX have not stood up, unsurprisingly. 6/10

    They Live (1988) - Second time trying to get through this mess, and I gave up at the fight scene again. Painfully slow and dull, the lead is a charisma free zone, the premise is paper thin and it's not enjoyable. Gotta be one of Carpenter's worst films. 3/10 and that's literally for the first sunglasses reveal

  • Ah shame, I've never been in love with They Live but a nightmare on elm street is still a firm favourite of mine. Not as pioneering as Alien or Halloween but still loadsa fun and very original.

  • Yeah I guess it was enjoyable in a schlocky kind of way. It's certainly the best of the series

  • I just watched Salò at the Prince Charles Cinema. Quite a flick...

  • I watched 'She Will' last night... Sounded promising, looked great, was shit. No power in any of the scenes at all. Felt nothing for the characters. Total let down.

  • The Black Phone - Not bad at all, Ethan Hawke was scary enough.
    Robbery - 1967 UK film loosely about The Great Train Robbery - Superb example of the heist genre.
    Rolling Thunder - 1970s revenge film, pretty good and more brutal than I remembered.

  • Something Wild (1986) - Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels, Ray Liotta. Bit of a curious one, reminds me a little of the much better Scorsese 'comedy' After Hours. Ray Liotta is pretty good, but it's a really dumb plot and it falls so flat so often. 6/10

    Jonathan Demme does have a magic approach to pacing a film. The soundtrack is brilliant. And the sense of place, urban New York, the Burbs etc is excellent. Liotta first outing is a great start to his career.

    That said Scorsese After Hours 9/10

  • saw guy ritchies the gentlemen a few nights back, enjoyable gansgsta fayre

    and am in the middle of scorsese's the irishman at the minute ( ran out of awakeness last night at 12:30 ) , trying to get de niro, pacino and pesci to pretend to be 50 year old tough guys is stretching my imagination a bit, they should have got younger actors to play their younger selves but otherwise interesting gangsta fayre

    hmmm i should try some other genres !

    might try afterhours next ^ sounds interesting

  • After Hours is an absolute gem! It's one of the films that I used to hate seeing the trailer for as a child while I waited for the film I actually rented to start... But for some reason the trailer stuck in my head, and as an adult I decided to watch the film... And I absolutely loved it. 😁

  • Yeah I re-watched it recently, such a good film

  • The ending is just fucking bizarre genius 😂

  • Has anyone seen Fire of Love yet? Considering giving it a watch at the imax, reckon it'll be quite a spectacle!

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