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  • I nodded off the first time i tried watching it but gave it another go as turbo trainer fodder and enjoyed it a lot more. I found there was stuff to enjoy in there once i gave up on thinking it would be anymore than a hangover flick.

  • House of Gucci.

    I quite liked it, accents were hilarious, big fan of Adam Driver, Jeremery Irons was tosh, Jared Leto excellent.

  • This is incredible.

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  • Who doesn't love a good redemption arc.

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  • I really want to see this

  • Enjoyed Good Luck To You Leo Grande. A Sex Positive, Sex Worker Positive film than made me smile, laugh and think, liked the realistic depiction of sex/bodies. Did feel like it was play, so a bit static but good ideas.

  • It's quite gruelling but a hell of an experience. Soz for pun.

  • With that title and Sam Raimi directing I thought the latest Doctor Strange film would be fun but it's like somebody is reciting verses from a religious text for 2 hours, painful shite. Almost dislocated my neck yawning.
    Might be a good watch if you are terminally ill because it does slow down the passing of time.

  • Haha. From the trailer it looked… ungood.

    Anyone watched Men? Was keen but will probably miss it in the cinema.

  • Men is great. Strong recommend (unless you're squeamish, there's a couple of pretty rough bits).

  • The teenage me can't wait to watch this! 😀

  • Had a feeling the main male actor was Data from the Goonies. IMDB'd it after. Confirmed,
    Mind blown! Also loved it. 7/9

  • Anyone watched space sweepers

  • I just watched the Frank Sidebottom documentary film.
    Genuinely touching.
    As someone who grew up seeing him on various TV shows I had no idea just how hard the man behind the papier mache worked to try and achieve his dreams, and just how many different dreams he had.
    It really is well worth watching.

  • I know I’m insanely late to the party, but I just watched Rushmore for the first time and I absolutely loved it. Hilarious and has aged very well.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains at the weekend, early 80s girl power b movie with a very notable cast list including Ray Winstone, Laura Dern and some Clash Pistols. Worth looking out for on the late night freeview movie channels.

  • Where did you see it?

  • doing a little akira kurosawa binge

    high and low
    dersu uzala
    yo jimbo

    all well worth a watch all different in their own way from post war japan to the ancient samurai era via soviet russia

  • It's on Shudder. They're always giving free trials away if you've not signed up before!

  • Enjoyed Coherence on Prime. 90 minute low budget sci-fi basically shot around the dinner table. It takes a bit to warm to the cast but once it got going the twilight zone/body snatcher vibes worked well for a bit of light Saturday night entertainment.

  • nice, I see they have a screening in soho on the 5th July. might go and see it there!

  • High and Low? Is that the kidnapped kid one, oddly based on an 87th precinct book by Ed McBain/Evan Hunter.

  • I almost turned it off after the first 20 minutes back when I saw it because the acting was so bad, but when the story finally got going I was glad I persevered.

    I still preferred Primer though. 😁

  • Is that at the Prince Charles? I'm half tempted to go so that I can see it on the big screen.

  • Yes 🙌

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