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  • I hope the footage in the trailer is not the actual version because that looks like crap compared to the current 4k edition.

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  • Really looking forward to watching this...

  • Bound is a classic, my wife will seek out every terrible lesbian film that exists. I have seen some shockers. Representation is important but I really wish they would make some better films with gay women in.

  • THIS

    The original LOTR movies are excellent - for me I usually go with Theatrical Cut of Fellowship - Extended Cut - 2 Towers, Theatrical Cut - Return of the King.

    The weakest is the last IMHO - and all 3 are so so much better than the Hobbit 3. which seem like they forgot to remove an Instagram "soft golden" filter on them, plus, I thought the story was weak, the pacing horrible, which made me not really enjoy the characters or their story, and the cgi totally over done. I also hate martin freeman. they should have de-aged Ian Holm !

  • You liked 'But I'm a cheerleader' though right? 😁

  • Is this a safe space for middle-aged men who are really looking forward to Top Gun: Maverick, despite Tom Cruise, and the whole military-entertainment complex thing..?

  • There is no safe space for people like you.

  • I can't even look at you.

  • I'm looking forward to seeing this. Has had some really good reviews, and I have booked my ticket for the Waterloo Imax on 30th May.

    Fyi, using free Odeon membership, ticket was only £10 (a regular Monday offer apparently) rather than £27.50!

  • Is this a safe space for middle-aged men who are really looking forward to Top Gun: Maverick

    Fuck yeah!

    I feel the need .... The need for Speed.

    I'm watching it at 00.01 Wednesday morning at the IMAX. Cannot wait.

  • Crossrail and Top Gun in the same week.

    People of my age and disposition are weak at the knees right now. (Mainly due to arthritis)

  • Yep, kick the tyres and light the fires :)

  • Saw Everything Everywhere All At Once yesterday.

    Not kept up with this thread recently so don’t know if I missed the bus but I really enjoyed it. So inventive and fun. Could have watched it all over again straight afterwards.

  • My partner walked out of the Tom Ford film Nocturnal Animals at the rape scene (i had no idea it was that kind of film, expected L.A sophistication with added glitz) i have blocked out most of the details but there was definitely a row in the street, my bag left in the cinema bar with my laptop in it, long silences and no intimacy for at least a week.

    we are still together but i do my research when picking films now.

  • just watched it...mad fun, and the most creative film I've seen in ages

  • Good to know. I keep getting the trailer in my feeds and it looks like it might be awful from that.

  • It's a huge no from me based on the trailer

  • I thought it was funny, creative, poignant and just generally super entertaining. It’s the most I’ve laughed at the cinema in literally years and I shed a few tears toward the end.

    Would definitely recommend.

    If @EB doesn’t even like the trailer, that’s a further recommendation in my book…

  • Of course, it's amazing! 😂

  • I had a similar terrible spousal experience with Last House on the Left.
    I thought it was a home invasion/ thriller horror.
    It actually is rather grim.
    Took a while for me to be able to choose a movie to watch without her doing some thorough investigation first

  • handbags

  • Just history.

    You’ve proclaimed your dislike for some absolute bangers over the years. 🤷🏼♂️

  • There have been some absolute howlers lauded on here

  • Wouldn't like to be the third wheel on you two's date nights.

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