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  • The Northman -Watched it this afternoon, Excellent!

  • Coyote-Lost at Sea

    The story of Mike Plant a groundbreaking American single handed round the world yachtsman who did just about anything to achieve his goals.

    I liked him immediately. He begged borrowed and stole to build his boats. Apparently paying homeless people to come and help him fibreglass..

    I very much enjoyed it.

    I d like to leave this hanging, ... sailing around the world for months on your own.

  • Jackass forever; it's mostly your own fault for growing up if you don't like it, but too many animal things and the bits with the public were shit.

  • the bit where they're trapped in the dark with the snakes was just ok but then they found the second room and it absolutely got me. masterful comic buildup.

    that and the coffee truck (including the outtakes) were probably the highlights for me.

    the bits with the young guys dad just seemed awkward and sad though. the bear one with danger ehrin crossed a line too.

  • Agree on the notes are Jackass.

    Just did Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Fuck me. So enjoyable. Really just hilarious if you’re a Nic Cage fan.

    Saw the Northman after. Also enjoyed a lot. Really good.

  • In the Shadow of the Moon started out looking promising but quickly deteriorated into a predictable mess, a forgettable 5/10

  • Last night in Soho. Really really bad. Had to keep watching as it just got ever more ridiculous. 4/10 just for some of the shots of 60's London and costumes

  • It was great.

  • I've been ill off work for the last couple of days. Thought I'd cheer myself up with some nice, uplifting films.

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  • Recent watches.

    Boiling Point was excellent, Vinette Robinson stealing every scene she was in.

    The Mole Agent, didn't know if i was watching a film or documentary but i enjoyed if for what it was (old people being nice). Apparently it is a documentary and some people hated it but i'm ok with that.

    Bond, fell asleep but will try again (better movie title?).


    I saw Antichrist at the Odeon Shaftesbury avenue when it came out. Took my wife, didn't tell her what the film was about. She hated me at the end and I stood in the foyer watching people come out and so many people looked visably shaken by it. Fucking funny.

  • It's a fantastic long term relationship date film. Just the right amount of genital trauma to assure a good night's sleep with no "funny business" before hitting the hay.
    I'm glad I watched it but I don't think I'll ever feel the need to watch it again.

  • Yeah it's been 13 years, I don't need to watch it again yet. My relationship is 16 years old this year though so it didn't do any harm 🤣 (we weren't married at the time but she did still marry me)

  • If someone agrees to marry you after you make them watch a Lars Von Trier film, they're a keeper.

  • Irreversible would be a worse date movie..

  • Belle Vie. Nice little documentary about a French restaurant in LA trying to survive through the pandemic

  • Morbius may be the worst superhero film I've ever seen.

    they appear to have made it from all the worst parts of the failed attempts at spider man and the hulk that required multiple reboots. there's nothing of the redeemable features of the marvel movies that have happened in the last 10-15 years it's just old-school shit script, shit acting, shit effects style action.

  • The trailers looks pretty dire, gonna watch it anyway. Gonna watch the Northman first though as it's now available for purchase.

  • My wife picked irreversible to go see at the Curzon when it came out. Many people walked out. Brutal film really well made but I don't want to watch it again.

  • Several decades ago I only just made it through Man Bites Dog on a date. Had my eyes closed towards the end...

    Pretty sure second date was Bound (1996) though.

  • RoboCop is getting the 4k treatment for its 35th anniversary.
    MrsDeth is away this weekend too, so might have a rare solo outing to the pictures on Friday night.

  • I can't wait to see all the ropey, dated special effects in glorious 4k! I fucking love RoboCop.

    Speaking of revisiting old bangers, I rewatched the first Lord Of The Rings film last night. So fucking good, it's held up really well. On to the second one this evening! My girlfriend is less thrilled about spending 3 hours at a time with sword wielding hobbits and goblins and stuff than I am.

  • Have you watched the Robocop special on Season 3 of the movies that made us (netflix)? Annoying voice over bloke is annoying but there's some great behind the scenes stuff on there.

  • Bound is great, made me want to order T’n’Ts like some wannabe gangster douche.

    Plus Joey Pants at the top of his game

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