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  • Last night's viewing, a really odd, slow burn but I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely a film that benefits from knowing as little as possible about it going in!
    Off to see The French Dispatch later, looking forward to it.

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  • I've been waiting to see this one.

  • While we're on the subject... I watched Pig on Sunday night, I thought it was a spectacular movie...

  • Accidentally read a synopsis. Ruined.

  • The search bar isn’t working for me so don’t know if it’s been covered. Roger Water’s The Wall: very nice photography, obvs. great music although some recordings aren’t the best. I find Waters a difficult (egocentric) character, but it was interesting to learn how much his personal struggles were sublimated into his art. Increased my admiration for the music.

  • Watched it tonight...
    Fuck me, I thought it was a great film!
    Thankfully I didn't read anything apart from the brief description in the Prince Charles cinema email a few weeks ago. Totally agree...don't read ANYTHING about it or watch any trailer before seeing it!

  • Tha Harder They Fall - a bit of a mess but a fun one with an imaginative soundtrack

  • Just watched the trailer for this, looks absolutely bonkers!

  • Black Bear (2020) - really really good, very stressful. Aubrey Plaza is absolutely incredible in it, who knew she could do proper acting?

  • I don't like really stressful, but I do like Aubrey Plaza.

    What would teenslain do?

  • Intrigued and fine with not knowing anything about the plot but I have a very low tolerance for horror so would be useful to know where it sits on that scale.

  • Oh it's not a horror at all, it's a drama, sorry I wasn't very clear! Think emotional stress rather than the stress of a potential eye gouging.

  • Ta - you didn't imply horror, more that it's not always obvious from the poster. Tbf I'm probably ok with potential eye gouging, it's the spooky stuff and the explicit gore stuff which I do not enjoy in the slightest.

  • I don't know if it's anyone else's thing but I started following this Instagram account recently and think it's pretty interesting! Loads of behind the scenes shots from old horror/genre films. There's some mildly gory stuff on there so maybe don't look it up if you prefer not to see that stuff.

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  • No Time To Do... ¿Que?

    I fell asleep before the end but was thoroughly bamboozled by two thirds of the way in...

  • Thoroughly enjoyed Dune.. Expected neck beard space war crap but this seemed to be carefully rationed to keep those whose reading age calcified at 14 interested.

  • Dune 9/10 - Looks great, makes sense. Unlike the David Lynch version.

    The Wailing 7/10 - Slow-burning Korean horror. The end lost me a bit but glad I've watched it.

    The French Dispatch 4/10 - Meh. A bright heartless film that managed to waste the talent of most of its cast.

  • Dunes.

    So many characters glossed over in favour of special magic boi, no spacing guild weirdos and the soundtrack was standard BWAAAAAAAAP guff.

    Lacks all the charm of the lynch version.

    Dissapoint /10

  • Dune
    Another fanboy here. Wouldn't have liked to go in to it without some background knowledge though. The battle scenes were very busy, hard to know what was going on. Whether there is enough for the none readers out there is key to its longevity. I fear not.

  • Watched an Adam Sandler film.

    Regretted watching an Adam Sandler film.

  • Which one?

  • Managed 20mi s of Army of Thieves then gave up. Awful.
    Really liked Last Night in Soho - not at all what I expected.

  • Zohan.

    Lazy, cliched, crass, boorish.

    And just stupidly racist.

    Steaming ordure.

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