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  • fantastic movie.

    often gets compared to the "The Blob" remake which is unfair as they're both equally good.

    speaking of which - Mike Muncer's podcast(s) are always worth a listen.­_IU

  • I've not heard of that podcast, I'll give it a listen!

  • On the subject of horror adjacent podcasts, Visitations by Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah is excellent. Interviews with various people involved in horror/genre film making, including Guillermo Del Toro, Taiki Waititi and Panos Cosmatos.

  • Saw Dune last night, it was fabulous and also seemed very of the moment, I’ll be watching it again next week.

  • I have managed about 80% of Dune and I think I have the same problem with it like with the David Lynch version. It feels like it just starts in the middle of a story and is missing the part to introduce everything to make you care about any of it. I thought the longer run time would take care of that.
    Also visually it's a bit generic and bland, everybodys favourite colour is grey. The Lynch version had a richer look, more variety and a certain nastiness that's missing now so it all feels a bit too cozy and disneyfied.
    Also fuck this endless over choreographed hand to hand combat in movies. The sky is full of hardware, press the buttons.

  • I found the book similar, dropped in to something mid way through. I thought it worked in that context though. I'm off to see the film next week hopefully, I'm excited!

  • The Trip (I onde dager)

    Pretty good fun.

  • Just saw Dune, thought it was pretty good but the constant tension music is a bit annoying.

  • nothing can be as bad as the mid 'oughts "BWAAAAAAAAAP. BWAAAAAAAAAP."

  • The book starts with the arrival of Helen Mohiam to Caladan so you are quite dropped in it. Some of the context for the Atreides going to Dune is lost as is the scheming of the Harkonens and the Emperor - which I think would have been worth including. I think there are a couple of other bits which I’d have liked to have seen more time spent on. But how do you stop the film being like 4hrs long?!
    Hand to hand combat because of the Holtzman shields and the fact Lase beam guns would create a nuclear explosion

  • you must have missed the ominous and lamentation.

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  • French Dispatch: nonsense, but fun.

    Basically no story or character development (apart from Benicio del Toro’s character, the best tale). It’s absolutely jam packed with talent, but no one really gets to act. Bit staccato in all respects really, trying to read really fast subtitles that jump around the screen is a bit of a challenge.

    A nice glimpse into Wes-World, but it’s not really a feature film.

  • Anyone in the mood for some bonkers french arty le farty seggsy body horror ooh la la's might want give Titane a whirl.

    Don't watch it with your mum.

    Or do. Who am I to judge.

  • When I was much younger I watched "Lucia y el Sexo" (Sex and Lucia) at the cinema with my mum, in the front row. It was an error.

  • Finally got ‘round to watching
    Queen and Slim on Netflix..­Dno


  • Tickets booked for Dune. Quite excited to watch it.

  • Just watched the new Batman trailer. On paper the Dark Knight crossed with Seven should be right up my alley but it all looked a little flat to me.

  • It's great isn't it. I knew the leading pair are brits but didn't realise until recently that the (very excellent) soundtrack composer Dev Hynes is a local boy as well.

  • @jono84 @ltc

    considering the timing of this release inspired by real headlines, including the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, I am totally impressed with the characters, sub plots, soundtrack, cinematography.

    Daniel Kaluuya (Kentish Town) and Jodie Turner-Smith (Peterborough) were both superb leads... Dev Hynes (Ilford) great choices for the soundtrack

    My eldest daughter recommended this film to me, we did a road trip in the US back in 2015 and covered 5,000 miles in 5 weeks. Not Cleveland to Florida Keys and defo not as fugitives, but travelling state to state was something else with our own soundtrack picks each day we were in the car.

  • If you've not seen it already, Daniel Kaluuya is great in Get Out too.

  • Daniel Kaluuya is great


  • I'm not sure I've seen him in much but he has been excellent in everything I've seen!

    I'm just about to see Dune, it's the most excited I've been to see a proper block buster in a very long time. I hope it's not shit.

  • Dune update: it's a "meh" from me.

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