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  • Watched Borley Rectory on Netflix last night. Looked really pretty, but wasn't spooky and really boring. 4/10

  • Pig - Disappointing as it's slow and nothing much really happens.

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  • Yeah, I'm sold. Paul Dano's got all the makings of being a great Riddler...

  • The Velvet Underground documentary tonight! Very excited

  • Anyone seen Dune yet?

  • not really a dune fan but watched it last night.

    it feels like they stretched out the contents of this chapter too much and there's a fair amount of filler between the big scenes so it struggled holding my attention for first hour or so.

    some of it felt a bit like those weird desert perfume ads popular in the 90's. if the pace was a bit snappier it would have held my focus better but it improves on that front towards the end.

    but of course it ended when it was starting to get really interesting and I was left wishing they'd just put more of the story in.

  • I'm a little disappointed that it's a multi-parter, and was waiting for all the best bits from the book.

    Otherwise I loved it.

  • Haven't read the book yet, though was planning to - might have to wait a bit longer. Didn't realise it was only the first part.

  • some of it felt a bit like those weird desert perfume ads popular in the 90's.


    Pour hommes. Pour femmes. Pour vous.

  • First part of the first book.

    There's a lot of books.

  • One of the major criticisms leveled at lynch's attempt was that it tried to cram too much into the runtime.

    Splitting it up seems like a good call. That first book has a lot going on in it for what is basically, a "one magic boi" story.

    God Emperor is going to be fun. 4 hours of people talking to a depressed slugman.

  • Sting tho

  • I, too, accept sand trout upon my body. My transformation will be divine.

  • The prequels would probably make decent films. Less philosophising, more going on from what I remember.

  • That we were denied Jodorowsky’s Dune is humanity’s greatest loss

  • New Halloween was so disappointing. Maybe it would work better as a double-bill back to back with the last one.

  • New Halloween was so disappointing. Maybe it would work better as a double-bill back to back with the last one.

    it felt like they just left the camera running and got everyone to improv another movie. the hospital scene was the cringiest shit i've seen in years and it's basically the only piece of plot in the whole film. nothing in the film goes anywhere.

  • ahh, the producers basically like the the smell of their own farts.

    from wikipedia on the next part of the "trilogy"

    In July 2019, the film was announced alongside a direct sequel titled Halloween Ends, which is scheduled to be released on October 14, 2022. While originally developed to be set on the same night as Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, the film has been announced as taking place at least four years later in 2022 and will address the COVID-19 pandemic.[55] Green described Ends as a "coming of age story" and "a more intimate movie" where "some of the characters... have processed the insanity of the circus of the massacre of 2018. And not only that, but they've also processed the world as it's spun so wildly in the last four years."

  • Velvet Underground documentary was good but exactly as you'd imagine. Cool people talking over cool pictures and cool footage of a cool band. Lots of gratuitous wearing sunglasses indoors action.

    Best thing was hearing visceral takes of Sister Ray, White Light/White Heat, I heard her call my name etc on cinema sound system

  • I'm expecting to be disappointed by Dune.

    Hans Zimmerman, boring ass music to me.
    Bladerunner sequel, pretty but not emotionally touching me (though the original has...issues in relation between Rachel and the bladerunner)
    Book is fantastic and very hard to turn a fantastic book into a fantastic movie.

    Might see it anyway though! :)

  • Logan is on Disney+. Got a bit unnecessarily sentimental in the finale, but definitely - and I realise this is a very low bar to hurdle - the best of the x-men films.

  • Basically not an X-Men film. That’s why.

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