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  • I really like the remake of Dawn of the dead, its a shame they never made a sequel. Although the shite snyder has put out since then it would have probs been terrible.

  • Brain-dead / society for some good shlock horror.

  • As much as I like the dawn remake, I would happily trade it in for Snyder never having made a single film ever

  • Halloween III Season of the Witch

    Watched this multiple times when i was a youngster. My mum had recorded something and left the recorder running (on our VHS pressing stop would off probably of woken the house up). I absolutely loved it and still hear the theme tune in my head from time to time.

    In fact a lot of horrors i watched as a kid were found from scanning VHS tapes my mum used to record post watershed stuff. I've seen two thirds of a lot of movies.

  • Ha ha, I can totally relate to that! Getting to the good part and then the tape stopping and starting to rewind!

  • XTRO on Prime.

    Back to front ayleons!
    Psychotic dwarf clowns!
    Goth synths!
    Horny people shagging all over the shop!
    and from out of nowhere - A FUCKING PANTHER ATTACK!

    utter shit, utterly unmissable.

  • I used to have the poster for that up on my bedroom wall...

  • I just watched Halloween III as well, I quite enjoyed it, like a B team Carpenter film (complete with Carpenter soundtrack). Great special effects. The fact that it's part of the Halloween franchise is baffling though, totally unrelated.

  • ^ featuring longtime Carpenter cinematographer Dean Cundey.

  • All it's really missing is John Carpenter as director.

  • it was 1982 - pretty sure Carpenter was plums deep in The Thing at the time.

    Mind you, Cundey worked on that as well.

  • I watched / streamed The Savages recently, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. Fantastic film.

  • I think The Thing is my favourite Carpenter. Just so good. Prince Of Darkness is one I've not seen that's on my list for this month. My girlfriend is a bit squeamish with body horror stuff so might be one to save for when she's out.

  • Chuck in "In the Mouth of Madness" and you've got the Apocalypse Trilogy.

    also - i didn't think the 2011 "The Thing" prequel was all that bad.


  • I've not seen the prequel, might give it a punt out of curiosity more than anything.

  • Finally got round to watching Train to Busan, many years after all my mates raved at me how amazing it was.

    Resolutely unimpressed. It wasn’t a bad film per se, it just didn’t give me any reason to get excited.

  • Saw it during lockdown 1, turned it off halfway through and did the dishes instead. Still haven’t finished it.

  • I really like Prince of Darkness!

  • The Alpinist in a cinema! Stunning!

  • I went to see Bond this morning, very enjoyable. Great opening sequences in the usual tradition, great locations and some nicely placed unexpected plot twists. The time flew by and only dragged slightly near the end.

  • Run Hide Fight

    Elephant meets Die Hard.
    School shooting / hostage taking, with one student trying to clear out the remaining classes to safety.

    It's not as bleak as Elephant, but not sure the subject matter makes it entertaining.

  • I had the opposite experience: about 2/3 of the way in it started feeling non-sensical and dragged on, I have mixed feelings about the script, slightly disappointed frankly.

  • Sweet Jesus this looks appalling. It's a shame as this kid was pretty good in JoJo Rabbit, looks like they've well and truly knocked the funny out of him

  • Saw that last night - genuinely thought it was a SNL skit to begin with.

    Aisling Bea's accent >>>>>>

  • Booked tickets for Halloween Kills for tomorrow.
    Not been to the cinema in a very long time (even before that happened)

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