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  • Ashes of Time (1994) is a martial arts movie by the same director and is worth a watch, But I think all of his 90s movies are worth a go.

  • So up for that, the few action scenes in Fallen Angel were really great!

  • Chungking Express has been on my watchlist for ages, I'd not heard of Fallen Ages so will add that too, sounds interesting!

  • I didn't mind it. Definitely not as good as the first, but fairly dumbly entertaining

  • Ageed, though I feel that the original was released at the right time within the zombie hype era.

  • RE: Zombieland, did anyone catch the TV show pilot? on Amazon I think.
    (post ZL1)
    Originally it was planned as a TV show, then they made a movie, then they trialled the TV show and scrapped it.
    The premise was each episode will unveil/ based on a new "rule".
    I liked it, but they missed a trick by recasting everyone but keeping their names.
    If the whole country is zombies, it would have been easy to just give them new names and be done with it (and kept the universe continuity)


  • Chungking Express is brilliant. I don't like rewatching films but that's so easy to.

    On the subject of Hong Kong films, PTU is very fun, by Johnny To.

  • I’ve added that to the watchlist!

    Next up in my foreign film exploration I’ve got;


    Yi yi

    Suicide club

    One missed call

  • M Night Shyamalan has an incredible talent to make everything tedious boring and banal.

  • I’m forever amazed that he was allowed to make another film after laying the giant turd that was Lady in the Water

  • Saw Candyman last night, excellent, builds on the original story nicely and brings it up to date.

    The original is well worth a rewatch too btw, it hasn’t dated.

  • I rewatched Punch Drunk Love tonight. So so good! Adam Sandler is such a good actor when he wants to be and Philip Seymour Hoffman can do no wrong. Emily Watson is great in it as well.

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman could do no wrong

    ftfy, very sadly. one of my favourite actors.

  • Might have to rewatch Synecdoche, New York actually. Never fails to ruin me psychologically, but such a great film.

  • Ah yeah, poorly worded on my part. Any time I see something in I get a bit bummed out. I only saw Synecdoche, New York for the first time a few months ago and as much as I loved it, it'll be a long time before I feel ready to watch it again.

  • BAM Builders of the ancient mysteries, on prime. Progresses incrementally quicker at the pace of a newly illuminated zealot who is convinced they’ve found The One Truth, and chock full of logical fallacies.

    But!!! Absolutely worthwhile, with fascinating food for thought and some hard evidence that our modern understanding of ancient civilisations and of humanity before 8000 years ago is fundamentally flawed.

    Strongly recommended for a lazy Sunday watch, just keep a critical mind because there’s lots of Da Vinci Code vibes.

  • Gunpowder Milkshake (on sky)
    John Wick wannabe, not nearly as fun but milled away a couple of hours.

  • Dick Johnson is Dead definitely get thumbs up. Watched with my Mum and Dad which initially had me wondering whether I'd made the right choice but it handles the issue of ageing really well and with humour...the final scene had me choking back the tears­DnM

  • Watched Shot Caller on Netflix. Very modern looking but weird white supremacist, prison heist revenge movie. Quite enjoyed it.

  • white supremacist, prison heist revenge

  • The Many Saints of Newark- exceeded expectations thank goodness, and left room for a further instalment.

    If you’re a Sopranos nut like me then this proved to be handy homework before you go to the cinema.­k-sopranos-episodes-watch-before-story/

  • Willy's Wonderland

    Nicolas Cage bizarreness at it's most accessible.
    Locked in a restaurant, fighting an animatronic weasel.

  • So good/stupid.

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