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  • That's very kind! My brother has one set up that he's offered to let me try out, I just haven't got round to it. I've got an old laptop but it's extremely slow and knackered so might not work out.

  • Could work if you’re not transcoding the video and are able to direct stream then shouldn’t be too much stress on the system!

  • White Men Cant Jump has still got it ....­R9g

  • I rewatched the original three movies a couple of weeks back, totally ready for this... Popcorntastic...

  • I rewatched this recently and found it quite boring! I don't know what changed, I used to love it.

  • Just watched The Dead Don't Die. I liked it, genuinely laughed out loud at one point. But I can see why a lot of people hated it.

  • Blood Simple - I've not seen it before, it's excellent. The last scene is absolutely unbelievable, so tense!

  • Space Sweepers. Not bad, although a bit cringe in parts at the end.

  • I tried, I couldn't last the distance

  • Brilliant isn't it, one of their very best

  • Jennifer Hudson in Respect, a solid performance. Oscar nomination methinks.

    I am looking forward to seeing King Richard

  • Really, really good. Definitely up there as one of my favourites of theirs.

  • Just gave The Fog a go for the first time, great atmosphere and the visuals for the fog where superb.

  • John Carpenter classic.

    Best avoid the 2000s remake.

  • Don’t you worry, there’s too many films on my watch list already!

  • Reasonable response. It's not great, but it wasn't a terrible way to spend the time. If the cringe bits had happened earlier, I'd have chucked it in.

  • Booked for No Time To Die on 30th September. Long time since I went to the cinema to see a Bond film.

  • @EB on the other hand, it was 1000 times better than Ultraviolet, which was on last night and reminded me, till I turned it off, how dire is almost everything Jojovich has ever been in.

    "Better than a film with Jojovich in it" is a low bar, I concede.

  • Easy on the eye but yeah, absolutely dire in every film

  • Pretty good in Fifth Element. Luc Besson was on to something when he decided not to give her any proper dialogue.

  • Granted

  • Watched a good amount of films over the weekend.

    Malignant - Excellent horror, a good blend of tropes within the film.

    Blood Diner - Didn’t know what to expect here other than a very exploitative, cheesy 80’s horror. A fun watch but I doubt I will ever return to it.

    American gothic - A fun take on the Friday the 13th style pick them off slasher. Nice setting and a fun story to go a long with it.

  • This will probably turn out to be total rubbish ('avant-garde masterpiece' being a contradiction in terms :) ), but it's an interesting discovery all the same.­p/14/rediscovered-1931-film-europa-world­-premiere-london-themerson

  • Zombieland 2, such a disappointment.

  • Just watched Fallen Angels, the cinematography was superb, shot on high speed film stock there is a really appealing grain throughout. The film runs like a peak into two sets of peoples lives never really feeling the need to explain its reasoning bar what you see on screen. One is a hitman and his manager, the other a man who breaks into peoples business’ after hours to run them when no one is around. Though explaining their occupations really doesn’t say anything to the storyline.

    Even just for the way this is filmed and how beautiful it is I recommend throughly.

    Going to give his other work Chungking Express a go soon.

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