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  • The fun starts later when they go in withdrawal…


    I am outrageously excited about this.

  • It does look fantastic, hope it and Top gun arent let downs.

  • Late notice but Lost In London is on London Live tonight at 11.30, I watched it again recently, it still packs a punch. All shot in one take.

  • I have it on Prime and I was wondering if it's worthy to watch, mainly because I love Woody Harrelson.

  • 👍

  • Last night I rewatched Midsommar for the first time since I saw it in the cinema. Such a good film! Definitely stands up to a second viewing as well.

  • I was listening to an interview with Adam Pearson the other day. Interesting guy.

    I've never seen "Under The Skin" and now i'm glad i have.

  • Great film, stayed with me for weeks

  • Lucy put you off? I haven't watched it in years, time to revisit...

  • I've been putting off watching any more Fellini after watching La Dolce Vita and having it stay with me for weeks, and I ended up watching 8 1/2 this Sunday, and I was stunned by how funny it was. I think I was expecting something a bit more ponderous but it is just hilarious - how craven the director character is, how viciously Fellini deconstructs his own pretentions, and how beautifully it resolves. It should on paper be utterly self indulgent (director writes a film about directors block) but it's just effortless - a film of a man tapdancing on quicksand. Amazing.

  • The Suicide Squad (2021) is brilliant. Proper fucking funny, gory as hell, great representation of women, loved it.

  • Shame there’s no streaming option in the UK. Don’t have the time/inclination to go to the cinema

  • This is absolutely amazing. Wheatley getting back to some A Field In England psychedelic horror.

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  • Saw this a few weeks back - good entertainment, the foot surgery was a special moment!

  • My girlfriend gets a bit squeamish so spent a fair bit of the film not actually looking at the screen, ha ha.

  • Wheatley getting back to some A Field In England psychedelic horror

    Bring on Meg 2 - A dark quarry in Chepstow

  • Watched There will be blood again as Mrs EB had never seen it. She loved it. Must be fourth or fifth time I've seen it and it was still just as good. What a film!

  • My favourite of the last few decades. Haven’t got bored of it yet.

    Wife hates it though

  • The Cagesance continues apace with 'Pig'.

    He really dials it down so don't expect any scenery chewing.

  • Daniel Day Lewis is one of the best actors ever, the movie is great but him is beyond greatness. I had a chance to meet him in person a long time ago and he has a really special carisma. I don’t think he can do wrong.

  • I watched it last night and surprisingly I really liked it.

  • The Cagesance

    Does he have a big tax bill due or sutin?

  • Such a banger, my girlfriend's never seen it actually so a good excuse for a rewatch soon! PTA can do no wrong.

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