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  • Any suggestion for some British and not only movie of this caliber:

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  • A few British films

    The Long Good Friday
    Fish Tank
    Kill List
    Perfect 10

  • Been a long time since I saw that, brilliant film. Recommend Ken Russell's Crimes of Passion, Peter Greenaways A zed and two noughts and Nicholas Roeg's Insignificance, all from around the same ish time

  • Thanks for the suggestions, seems a good package where to look for something which doesn’t leave you with that kind of feeling of total emptiness.

  • Only recently watched Dredd. It's superb!
    Polar on netflix is daft but entertaining.

  • "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" - really enjoyed this far more than i expected and yer man De Caprio is very good in it.

    Finished it last night. spent 90mins trying to work out whether I was enjoying myself, until the classic tarantino crescendo, which confirmed that I was.

  • watched Broil on Bezos Prime at about 4am cos the dog woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep.

    Not amazing but not utter garbage, acting is a little wonky in places but couple of interesting characters but like most of these films they go a little bit overboard by the end

    worth it if your looking to kill 90 mins

  • Nobody, surprisingly good!

  • Crimes of passion and A zed and noughts are with Amazon BFI, interesting because I didn't know about BFI linked to Amazon. Free trial too.

  • I saw Another Round at the cinema last night. Truly excellent. One of the best films I've seen for years. Go see ASAP.

  • I saw it a while ago and it’s brilliant! Scandinavian and German movies never let you down, since the time of DOGMA.

  • Wait is it on streaming? Got a friend in isolation right now who'd love it.

  • Also l would say that Thomas Vinterberg with Festen has produced one of the best works of art ever. Well that’s my opinion.

  • Not sure, I haven’t watched on streaming. Also because these kind of movies for me are collectable.

  • German movies never let you down

    Big lol

  • Oh you bought a physical copy? Retro.

  • I loved to hear and watch about that theory where the alcohol in our system should never be below 0.05 to have the best of the creativity. But I also love the acting of Thomas Bo Larsen, which is always present in this dynasty of movies, in The Hunt the close friend, in Festen the brother asshole, I think he’s great and he should deserve more notoriety.

  • Having started my career in a newsroom I can attest to this theory having real-world evidence. For a long time, I thought my best work was the morning after I'd had a massive night out and was still drunk. The journos were is a permanent state of drunkenness, constantly going to the pub to get stories. My job interview concluded by my editor taking me to the pub and seeing how much I could drink before I fell over.

    Wish I'd make a documentary...

  • Yeah really funny and heart-warming. Also enjoyed Saint Maud recently pretty harrowing in an insidious way.

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  • Jingalls is right!

  • Starring Burt Reynolds no less!!

  • Just purchasing this, can't wait to see it

  • Yes! Florence Pugh was fucking hilarious! Ray Winston's East Londonski accent though. Haha.

  • Olga Kurylenko had like one line.

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