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  • Also, I watched Hard Eight the other night, really enjoyed it. Some great performances, including a young Philip Seymour Hoffman in a very minor part. I think John C Reilly is a pretty underrated actor, every more serious role I've seen him in has been great. I need to get round to watching any Paul Thomas Anderson films I've not go to yet.

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  • So I just watched 'The killing of two lovers'...and I'm kind of baffled.
    It was a slow build, and I'm fine with that, feeling a bit like 'Blue ruin' but with a bit less going on, but then just as it feels like it's all about to happen and I started getting into it, the end credits started...leaving me with an actual 'seriously? that's the end?' moment. I even checked the length to see if it was crazy short or something.
    The sounds going on in the background through the whole film felt like they were leading to something really tense that never actually happened.
    I'm really quite disappointed, as it looked like it could be really good.

    Anyone else seen it?

  • Hey, I'm sorry to reach out this way, but a BRP bag or keychain, or really any of your projects is a grail of mine. If there is any dead stock or item you have and are willing to part with, please reach out at jasonlane2389 at gmail dot com. I'm not trying to make a quick buck, just get hold of a piece of fg history from a maker I've been chasing since 2011. Whether you respond or not, I just want to say I love your work, and hope will all my heart you're able to keep doing what you love.

  • Finnish film about BDSM...what more could you want...I enjoyed it anyway­8Qo

  • Pink Flamingos. Quite the motion picture...

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  • Watched Possessor last night, visually very strong and really effective atmosphere of unease made me feel quite unsettled.

    Would recommend

  • Ferry - like an oddball Layer Cake but more fun. It’s the backstory for a TV series called Undercover. Very good.

  • Have watched season 1 of undercover which was good so this is on my list.

  • I enjoyed Possessor when I saw it a few weeks ago. Excited to see what Brandon Cronenberg does next!
    The only thing I think I've seen Christopher Abbot in was It Comes At Night which is another big recommend if you've not seen it. Creepy, low key,atmospheric post apocalyptic stuff.

  • A weekend of sobriety, so a lot of film watching

    Citizen X - 1995 HBO film about the hunt for Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, with Stephen Rea and Donald Sutherland, seen it before even better 2nd time around.

    The Painted Bird - Jeez, brilliant but unrelentingly grim, will read the book too.

    Tigers are Not Afraid - Excellent Mexican film, about street kids and drug cartels.

    The House at the End of Time - Venezuelan haunted house type horror, superb.

    A Quiet Place - rewatch in preparation for the sequel, excellent

    Don't Breathe - same as A Quiet Place.

  • Don't know how it passed me by but I've just watched Chef, what an absolute delight of a film.

  • I have here a script written by Cormac McCarthy.
    Ooh, I'm interested.
    Who should we get to direct? Ridley Scott is free?
    Wow, this sounds like a fantastic project. Who plays the leads?
    Lets start with Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz. Then add in Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.
    Great ensemble cast
    Oh and Brad Pitt.
    Well this sounds like a surefire box office smash. What's the movie?
    The Counsellor

    goes away and watches The Counsellor

    Holy shit that was bad! Why so much one sided phone sex? And what was with Javier Bardem's hair?

  • Did you watch it to the end? I gave in and flipped channels, not sure what I watched but it was much better!

  • That grilled cheese scene drools on keyboard

  • Ah man, that whole film made me so hungry.

  • The master chef / taken crossover we’ve always wanted.

  • Trying to enjoy the Prince Charles Cinema a few more times before making my definitive departure from London.

    Saw Fargo yesterday evening, and have booked the last seat for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Sunday. Anybody knows whether there's an intermission for this one?

  • A question on pointless led me to Kenny Rogers as a pointless answer, which led me to listening to country music and playing a game of poker, which led me to watching O Brother where art thou for the first time since probably slightly after it came out, which led me to remember what an absolutely great film it is.

  • Recently watched and enjoyed:

    Good Time on Netflix. And Uncut Gems on Netflix. Tense, uncomfortable, excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed both. Surprising lead castings that are fantastic.

    Phantom Thread on iPlayer. DDLewis in an unconventional relationship. Great score.

    Quiet Place PT 1. Looking forward to Pt2. Interesting concept well done.

  • The Dead Don't Die.

    Seems to have been really poorly reviewed, but I quite enjoyed it. Iggy Pop!

  • Watched Army of the Dead and The Dead Don't Die over the weekend. Both awful.

    Massively disappointed in The Dead Don't Die - great cast, no script.

  • Army of the Dead

    Sunday night viewing with a couple of beers, thought it passed the time quite nicely.

    Whilst watching Mark Kermode review of the same he mentioned:-
    The Girl With All The Gifts as one of the best zombie movies. After a bit of searching, finding and watching, I whole heartedly agree. Top notch exciting, well acted and a touch different to anything i've seen in the genre. Recommended.

  • Only good bit about TDDD, is RZA being a delivery driver for WUPS.

  • Well I enjoyed it. Thought it was well paced and did what I expected from Jim. I liked that its not the classic 'my wife's trapped in X, or the last planes leaving to Y' etc.

    Will give that girl with the gifts a look though.

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