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  • Sequin in a blue room.

    Beautiful looking film, quite a dark plot but handled really well.

  • Watched Takeshi Kitano's Fireworks on Mubi last night, absolutely loved it. Fantastic feel to the whole thing.

  • Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

    Horribly nasty and violent and shit.

  • Neville Brody FF Gothic typeface remix titles, Michael Mann can’t do wrong.

  • I didn't even realise it was a Michael Mann film, wow...

  • Loved all those takeshi kitano films....sonatine or kikujiro are my favourites

  • Enjoyed The Mauritainian. Quite traumatic central section but great performances (though not entirely convinced by Cumberbatch's southern accent).

  • Deffo gonna watch more!

  • Concrete cowboy - one man's journey to smoke a roll up, also a decent separate story happening alongside it.

  • I found it a bit cheesy and formulaic, an interesting story though! I did enjoy the extremely ratty roll ups throughout as well.

  • Also, was it someone on here who recommended The Mule? Watched it last night and thought it was utter dog shit. Clearly just Clint Eastwood wanking himself off whilst putting himself in a situation where he can use racial slurs and sort of get away with it.

  • Eastwood doing the I’m not a racist but I use slurs has been his whole non cowboy career ever since his hippy punching days.

    I quite enjoyed the mule though because he was trying to play against type, he was a scumbag and a toady in that film. We weren’t supposed to be rooting for him, the character was a total rotter.

  • I'm not sure, it felt like he was trying to have it both ways to me. He got to play the horrible old man using slurs left right and centre but he was also the charming old man who won over everyone he met. It felt incongruous rather than 3 dimensional to me. Maybe I'm being hard on it and not giving the character development the benefit of the doubt because I found it quite dull and literally every performance in the film was shit.

  • Anybody watched Nobody yet? It's like somebody tried to remake John Wick but without all the
    tedious Hong Kong ballet bullshit. Not perfect but fun.

    Edit: Just saw it's written by the same guy like John Wick and directed by the guy who did
    Hardcore Henry.

  • Love and Monsters - on Netflix.
    Post-apocalyptic world (lizards, bugs and insects have mutated in giant variations and have a hunger for human flesh*) survivors live in underground compounds.
    7 years after the rise of the lizards, young man finds out his girlfriend from before RotL is alive in a commune 100 miles away and goes on a roadtrip to find her.

    Not a "good" film, but entertaining enough for 100 minutes of distracted viewing.
    *it isn't really that violent or gory, it's not an 18 rated movie.

  • watched it about the time you posted this last night and thought exactly the same.

    it's basically "better call saul wick". but surprisingly works very well. I really enjoyed it.

    story felt very well paced, they kept enough non-action stuff in to give it a reasonable plot to back up the action but didn't go so far as to make it feel drawn out and boring when there was no fighting or like it was action for action sake, the humour was a light touch but genuinely funny when they did try for a laugh. they made bob odenkirk an invincible fight machine but the kind who can still get fucked up in the middle of a fight.

    christopher lloyd shocked me at how old he is now but was a highlight towards the end, total bad-ass grandpa and he looked like it was the most fun he'd had in years.

    not recommending as a great film but absolutely an entertaining one.

    8/10 would watch some sequels.

  • Not a "good" film, but entertaining enough

    Pretty much this.

  • also agree with this. decent enough time filler.

  • kikujiro is so sweet natured

  • Twelve Monkeys on iPlayer.

  • Palm Springs on Prime. Very enjoyable

  • I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting!

  • Not usually my thing, but I'd listened to the soundtrack (by Explosions in the Sky) yesterday, so watched Lone Survivor last night, it was an ok way to spend 2 hrs.

  • Anybody watched Nobody yet?

    Good fun, better call John

  • I'm a sucker for time travel/loops. Palm Springs is alright, couple of cringy bits but entertaining overall.

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