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  • Totally unrealistic and just not at all believable. A nurse with her own flat in Earls Court?

  • Earls Court was a dump and dead cheap to buy in right up until the early 2000s... My friends bought a two bedroom Victorian conversion flat in Eardley Crescent for £105,000... They flogged it when the market caught up and traded up to a big four bedroom house in Canonbury... Totally possible...

  • It has Rik Mayall in it, what more do you need?

  • Ended up playing poker instead but stuck with the shit telly for a while, it's hooked up to beefy speakers so carpenter with a good soundtrack would work, I might download dawn of the dead for a rewatch too

  • This messed me up for a few days after watching. Bleak to say the least. Can't find it now.... may be a good thing

  • Watch the og Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy done by the BBC in the eighties. Look for the uncut version on YouTube (you might need a vpn to watch it from within the U.K.)

  • Watching Easy Rider for the first time, on Blu Ray. Holy moly I see why this had such a huge impact. Absolutely loving it. Desperately hoping it's safe enough to travel later this year so I can see more of the South West. I haven't left SoCal in a year.

  • Won't be going to Florida though.

  • Then the sequel - Smiley's People.

  • For a similar but different take on America, theres Nomadland. Would recommend even if its not a particularly joyous film­d84

  • Maybe you could time travel back to removing any spoilers too.

  • One of mine too. Loved Cronenburg then. Watched ExistenZ recently. Still good. Wonder how Naked Lunch holds up

  • Spent some time this morning reading reviews of Threads and The Day After. Kind of want to watch both but apprehensive, as someone who is 'impressionable'.

  • Don't do it mate I spent most of the early to mid 80's scared shitless. I lived in Birmingham for a while in 1985 directly on the flight path for incoming flights to Birmingham International Airport and I'd wake up to horrendously loud jet noise sometimes in the middle of the night convinced they'd dropped the nukes

  • dawn of the dead

    Perfect 👌

  • Threads is still coming at me now, 3 days later. One review said there’s too much bleakness to take in at once, it creeps up on you over the coming days and they’re dead right. For now it’s the complete absence of warmth, compassion and grief that’s occurred to me and it’s making my skin itch. I keep having to re-watch scenes on YouTube to reconcile it in my mind.

  • The Babysitter + sequel.

    idiotic gory splendour.

    do it.

  • Akita: Battle Angel
    Glorious sci fi, superb fight scenes, where's the sequel, i'm waiting

  • Just saw this on the weekend. Wasn't expecting much, but was absolutely blown away. Such a good movie. And yes, so ripe for a sequel.

  • Predestination
    on Amazon Prime, Really good story, well acted and kept me interested and guessing until the end.

  • I care a lot was worth a watch.

  • It’s is rather good and Peter Dinklage’s performance is particularly strong

  • We watched Con Air last night, since it is now in Disney+

    90s Bruckheimer are really hard to beat.

  • In Bruges and then Seven Psychopaths
    Superb, lots of laugh out loud dark humour in both. No bad lines in either, wouldn't want to be Martin McDonagh's psychiatrist

  • So sick. Definitely due a rewatch.

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