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  • Kinda spoiled me for cinema experiences. Some movies just set the bar quite high for that big picture experience. it's movies like those that keep me going.

  • Nice, glad you enjoyed it. As many people already mentioned the second one is also worth a watch and if I remember correctly plenty more ridiculous kills.

  • Basically. Some justified it as a horror movie, but frankly, it was just outright creepy shit.

  • I like Lynch's Lost Highway - has a good Twin Peaks vibe

  • From reading spoilers I think the worst bit is that some people may interpret it as a romance. Fucked up.

  • Check up on what her lawyer ended up doing last year; robbing settlements from plane crash victims to pay for his wife’s pop star fantasy

  • Will definitely watch it at some point!

  • Alarmingly, I can see how in the age of 4chan logic, I can see how it was green lit. You don't have to reach far to see how messed up it is really. Her options started at 0 and and ended as such. Let me put a gun to your head in a zero sum game. Future will not be kind to that movie.

  • Wonder Boys - Curtis Hanson.
    Great movie on Iplayer.

    @ltc well worth a watch.

  • Shirley on Curzon home cinema - fantastic. Beautiful cinematography and great characterisation, quite dark and occasionally dream-like.

  • Werke Ohn Autor/Never Look Away

    Harrowing in parts, but brilliant.

    Same director as The Lives of Others.

  • Walk The Line for the first time last night. Enjoyed it very much. Thought Joaquin's singing was very good.

  • Great film, Joaquin is a superb actor.

  • Yeah. He really is. He even made Inherent Vice enjoyable.

    The Master is still likely my favourite performance of his.

  • Yes - The Master.

    Well worth catching him in Her and The Sisters Brothers, If you haven't seen them already

  • Thanks, hadn't heard of the latter, but have seen the former. I'll check it out!

  • Unfortunately theirs are also shit. :(

  • Gone for once upon a time in America, unlikely to finish it tonight, but what a belter.

  • I haven't seen that in years. I remember renting it on DVD and my mind being blown when I had to pop the second disc in.

  • What are good snowy films? I normally go for The Shining or The Thing but have seen them both too recently for a rewatch!

  • Same for Snowpiercer.

  • Artic, Cliffhanger

  • Day after tomorrow

    The Thing (2011 prequel style)

    Home Alone

  • Wind River

  • James Bond pushed for another 6 months again, the backlog of films is going to be insane at this rate.

    Top Gun and Ghostbusters I really wish they would just release.

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