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  • If I’m not mistaken, as a Sergio Leone film, the American actors will do their lines in English, and the Italians in Italian etc. So every version will have some dubbing.

  • Relic: mother and her daughter return to mother/grandma's house as she gone missing and her forgetfulness may mean she has dementia.

    Quickly goes into the haunted house tropes, I thought it would be more ambiguous when it comes to scares, like is grandma imaging it or not? But David lynch it ain't

    Well acted and well produced, with some commentary on guilt when parents are ageing (care home or not?) and last 30 minutes get pretty tense.

    I guess I expected more, but still not bad.

  • I just watched the 2018 version of Suspiria. I enjoyed it a lot. Very different to the original!

  • You're in for a treat, I haven't purchased it yet... Think I'll make it a Friday night job...

  • Just watched Rebecca on Netflix
    Classic story nicely delivered
    Ben Wheatley makes it disorienting to go with the sinister plot.

  • I can't help thinking it would have worked better as a three part tv series or some such?

  • Watched The Trial of the Chicago 7, enjoyed it, thought it was a solid court room drama. Funny to watch it the night after Borat 2 and to have Sasha Baron Cohen putting in two performances that couldn't be more different.

  • We watched the premier of His House tonight, it’s an asylum seeker story / horror movie - as if refugees don’t have it hard enough already. It works really well on both levels.

  • Just caught a random screening of Predator, what a banger!

  • I couldn't get halfway through the trailer :/
    (I can't deal with much horror, it looked effective )

  • Big Trouble in Little China, one of my all-time favourites.
    It's been a couple of years so I re-watched this afternoon. Still immense.

  • ^ deeply problematic, but an utter cinematic throb-on nonetheless. might as well buckle in for a carpenterrussellpalooza - Escape from NY next.

  • Nicholas Cage coming up with the goods again.

    "Watch Nicolas Cage battle giant animatronic animals in Willy's Wonderland teaser."

  • Fuck yes, so good, so bonkers.

  • Speaking of Mr Cage, tomorrow evening's weirdness lined up, Colour Out Of Space free on Prime.

  • I'm having another bash at Mandy tomorrow night, sober and with company to keep me awake, colour out of space will be next.

  • Watched Mandy on Film4 not too long ago, not a film to be watched pissed or off ones tits, it's plenty trippy on it's own. Hoping Colour has a similar feel, will report back once viewed.

  • Mandy is incredible. Colour Out Of Space is fun too, worth sticking with.

  • I think I already said about my attempts at Mandy, basically keep trying to watch it intoxicated and falling asleep.

  • Color out of space is fucking mental. Enjoy.

  • My 11 year old liked Stalker after all. Bit of fidgeting near the end (well it is...long) he loved the rundown look of The Zone.

    The concept of The Zone is genius anyway.
    Some choice quotes "this guy is such a Russian doomer" "this movie is pretty trippy" "I think the zone is a metaphor for a fridge, as the inside is always changing" (snark)

    Spoilers ahead! Interesting analysis of book and film­/stalker_glass.htm

  • Arachnophobia just about to start on Sony movies. Reviews saying "light scares", I recall it scaring the living shit out of me in the cinema.

  • I will NEVER watch that film again.

  • Lol I think I was 7 when I first watched arachnophobia. By the end of the film I was standing on an upturned box in the middle of the room (couldn’t sit on the sofa, the spiders would get me), basically constantly screaming. It was fucking great.

    Couldn’t have a shower for the next 4 or 5 years without checking everything very carefully for spiders first.

  • It was fucking great.

    Yeah, I'm not sure of the psychological benefits but scary movies as a kid were great. Jaws was next level warped mind games.

    I also miss looking at the Horror movie boxes in the video shop and absorbing enough information to go home and have nightmares for weeks. When I was finally able to watch them so few films lived up to the box artwork/stills!

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