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  • Anyone recommend a good animated film to watch? not on Netflix.

    Also any short film recommendations?

    Sharing a few

    Nash Egerton


    Joe Roberts


  • Got my Akira 4k tickets booked. Glad to get to see it at the IMAX!

  • I loved '45 years' so I'm hoping this will be a great film too.­w

  • This is a very good short from someone I use to work for.

  • Cuba and the Cameraman - a wonderful film giving a glimpse of the lives of several Cubans over a period of 45 years

  • Just finished watching I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

    What a mindfuck of a film, would watch again.

  • Oh! We started to watch that, thought it was a pile of steaming wank

  • Just reminded myself just how fucking good The Town is

  • It's nearly October, aka "watch a shit load of horror films month". Anyone got any suggestions? I'm not a mega horror buff so classics as well as more obscure recommendations appreciated!

  • anything from the recent Cage-aissance.


  • I'm currently purchasing both National Treasure movies for some light early evening viewing, the man's clearly a genius...

  • then you may as well get Vampire's Kiss for the full, Rampage 'o Cage Rage memebirth Cagefecta

  • Oh la la, it's been so long since I've seen that... I think a Cageathon might be on the cards...

  • It's nearly October, aka "watch a shit load of horror films month". Anyone got any suggestions?

    A few recent faves

    The Witch
    A girl walks home alone at night
    The Woman in Black (the original and superior made for TV film has just been re-released, its on YouTube in full. Edit. Think it's been nuked. Its on Dailymotion though­9 )

  • Watched Aguirre, the Wrath of God last night.

    Definitely seemed a lot more together than Cobra Verde - which seemed quite hard to follow and generally just a bit mad (but I think the madness is the point). Haunting and poignant, and I definitely enjoyed it but considering it was a film I had built up in my mind a lot, it wasn't the game changer I'd hoped it to be.

    Klaus Kinski's face is deffo haunted too.

  • Rewatching Mandy is a good shout actually!

  • I've not seen The Host, will give it a punt. The Witch and Midsommar are due a rewatch as well.

  • Watched Host twice, really enjoyable

  • I always claim the same

  • The most recent Halloween film is on Netflix and is pretty good (fanboi caveat)
    Not OG good, but a good sequel.

  • Tale of two sisters
    Cure (Japanese)
    Early cronenberg

    Society and brain damage for more tongue in cheek horror

    American Mary
    A Serbian film

    For more exploitation horror I liked them but more mixed ratings for sure

  • The Serbian thing is so shit.

  • Brain damage is great

    Also “from beyond“, ROTLD and brain dead are great to revisit

  • Go to Saturday night horror,

    Oldish - Nightmare on Elm Street
    Newish - Train to Busan
    Horror but technically a Sci-fi - Alien

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