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  • Dragged Across Concrete.

    I feel bad for liking this because Mel Gibson, but it's well worth a look.

    From yer man who did the Bone Tomahawks.

  • he also did Brawl in Cell Block 99, equally mental.

  • Happened to catch 'Why him?' on TV the other night. Essentially a romcom with tech bros.
    A lot better than expected. How can you not like James Franco? Oh there's a KISS cameo!

    The 20 second Elon Musk cameo let's it down though...

  • Just finished watching Queen and Slim. Highly recommended. Even more powerful in the current climate with police violence against black people at the forefront.

  • Queen and Slim was great, even with a brief drunken pass out towards the end.

    Watched Palm Springs last night, Brooklyn 99 meets Groundhog Day as a kinda nihilistic romcom, very much enjoyed it although not "good".

  • Brooklyn 99 meets...

    I'm out

  • Started watching Money Heist on Netflix today after the hype...

    After first episode, thought that it could get pretty interesting but was too impressed.

    Now finished 4th episode and was in total cringe and agony for past 3 episodes. I'll probably finish watching it as I'm half way through Season 1 just to see how it ends and stop there...

  • Mainly because Andy Whatsit, but I like the 99, so neeer.

  • Extraction. Chris Hemsworth is hot and shoots lots of people. Not amazing, but it killed a couple of hours.

    Unlike Ad Astra which I made the mistake of watching last night and has to go down as one of the dumbest and most boring films I’ve suffered.

  • I don't mind Andy Whatsit and some of the rest of the cast of Brooklyn 99 are alright as well, just never found it remotely entertaining for some reason! I think I'm just not into comedy where there are actual jokes.

  • Unlike Ad Astra which I made the mistake of watching last night and has to go down as one of the dumbest and most boring films I’ve suffered.


  • Any ideas for a funny/easy going film to watch with my parents? Have Netflix and amazon prime.

    Watched the Ballad of Buster Scruggs last time and it went down really well.

  • Dolomite Is My Name? Saw it a few months ago and it was enjoyable enough. The main draw was the amazing costumes though, it looks great, definitely fits the easy going criteria.

  • The story doesn’t end

  • Ended up watching The Consequences of Love,­equences_of_Love
    Quite enjoyed it.

  • Yeah, I just found out.

    Didn't think they would stretch it to 4 series + 1 unreleased one...

    Another reason to stop in time...

  • Mildly enjoyed The Rhythm Section
    But spoilers I think

    She got the wrong guy. Or the script was wrong :)

  • Cell Block 99

    shitting fuck that last twenty odd minutes was some gold standard yikes-ery. my face is still itching just thinking about it.

  • Didn't realise he did all three of those films, big fan of his style.

    On prison movies with the word cell in the title, Cell 211 is really good. As are most the Luis tosar movies I've watched.

  • See also Riot in Cell Block 11, Tarantino is a big fan.

  • Cheers, I'll look out for that.

    Lots of good prison movies now that I think about it, Starred up being one that seems to get overlooked but is well worth a watch.

  • Started watching’s pretty fascist, is there a twist or is it like that all the way through? It seems like it was written by a cabal of Joe Rogan political guests

  • yeah, it probably is. more so considering the two leads are notable "libertarian" dickholes.

    then again, as a massive racist myself, it probably explains why i enjoyed it so much.

  • Yeah now that you mention it which doesn't looked good when I talk about how much I like his style.

    I'm a fan of the pace and violence but not so much the tone.

  • Great film, worked on it a few years ago too.

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