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  • Great poster

  • The film looks great as well.

  • It's a beauty...

  • Agree. I thought it was a really beautifully told story.

  • Interesting to read about other perspectives of Uncut Gems, a film that I genuinely adored.

    I think living in New York definitely had an impact on how much I enjoyed the film. My partner works on W 47th and 5th, which is literally next to the Diamond District. You see people like Howard on a daily basis down there, so it's really very relatable and I felt like I knew the guy. I cared immensely about him as a character, despite his many, many flaws.

  • It was no Twilight but not bad.

    "It was no Twilight" and "not bad" are synonymous, surely.

  • Look at those sparkly hunks though!

  • Uncut Gems - what a ride.

    Totally did it for me. So fucking intense without a minute of break in the 2h10min.

    A gem.

  • Nic Cage hanging with the Safdie bros at the Spirit Awards tonight

  • We saw Queen & Slim tonight. Despite a few heavy handed scenes - which are easily forgiven - it hits the spot, looks great and sounds great.

  • Another yes for Parasite

  • Saw The personal history of David Copperfield last night. It's good. Very well told, quite funny, looks gorgeous.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Parasite. Parasite. Finally, after seeing it on my streaming service for the last 4 or 5 months waiting for me to watch it, I resisted and went last night for a proper theatrical release. It certainly won't be the last

    To top it off: the audience was amazing - not one audible popcorn consumer within earshot

  • Have heard it's very good, but need to get past the fact the director has on more than one occasion heavily borrowed/ripped off other people's work. Then got interviewed on BBC saying "I love creating my own unique worlds"

    Oh, ok....

  • Knives Out was great, apart from Daniel Craig's woeful accent

  • Just been to see The Lighthouse. Absolutely amazing.

  • Booksmart - seems a gender switch Superbad remake, but is actually quite funny.

  • Jojo Rabbit was wonderful.

  • At The Castle? Saw it tonight too - great!

  • Nope, Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds! Seeing it in the middle of a storm in a cinema with it's original gas lamps added to the experience.

  • continued my run of good films with Parasite on the night Bong Joon-ho wins some statuettes for goodest captioned non-whitey films.
    Very good, and very much true to his style, keen to see the B&W version in the cinema

  • Jojo Rabbit was wonderful

    It really is such an absolute treat

  • Knives Out. How many episodes of House of Cards did Daniel Craig watch before he convinced himself that he could do that accent just as well as Kevin Spacey? Is there an casting hall of infamy?

  • Obviously late to the party, and after the hype.
    But christ, parasite is insane. Such a great film.

    Not had a story as good as that in a long time, what imagination and creativity.

  • Jojo Rabbit was wonderful

    Yes indeed. Surprisingly, considering Hitler being an imaginary friend.
    Wes Anderson crossed with The Tin Drum.

    Great acting all round

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