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  • yeah it wasn't great but i lucy'd it. to be honest, the source material was always a bit iffy and trying to film "an indescribable colour beyond human comprehension" is always going to present its challenges.

    it looks great, proper psychedelic / body horror moments in it more than make up for it being a bit shit around the borders. Richard Stanley, innit.

    cage caged.

  • Ah ok, thanks for the review! I was sort of hoping for some psychedelic Cage chaos, in the vein of Mandy, especially as SpectreVision were involved in both. Sounds like I could be disappointed!

  • The Laundromat, managed to turn a story with massive substance into style over susbtance, didn't hate it but felt a wasted opportunity given the cast and subject matter

  • i can be safely ignored on any number of topics. watch it. it's probably the best film you'll watch all year.

  • Midsommar. Whole lotta wtf. Didn't dislike it, didn't love it either. Had me intrigued the whole time though. Had my partner and I talking about it after for a while which is always good.

  • I'll go for a bit of that, Wicker Man ish?

  • We put on Little Giants last night, probably 20 years since I last saw it. Full of cliches, corny and wonderful.

  • I haven't actually seen it, either the original or the remake. But I suspect so. Just a bit unsettling and quite weird.

  • If you're gonna watch it, go for the original. Will keep my eyes peeled for midsommar. Cheers.

  • Imagine if The Wicker Man was remade in 2019 by a decent director and the actors were actually trying. I enjoyed Midsommar a lot, been meaning to rewatch it.

    Edit: I'm a fan of the original Wicker Man and a fan of Cage going mental but the remake is just a bit crap.

  • It's A24, and I think they have an agreement with Amazon Prime - a lot of their stuff is on there.

  • Agreed, love mental Cage, but should have left twee, culty, pagan shit alone.
    Cheers @JB, I have prime (for now), so will have a look.

  • I want to see parasite. It’s about class, in Korea, apparently

  • Finally got to see Star Wars: Rise of whatever.... Having been a child during the release of the original films I've been let down every time since. This last one finally cured me of any desire to see another film set in that far away galaxy. Total garbage.

  • Third of three films being the worst is a Star Wars tradition. But it was bad. A large chunk of the audience was laughing in derision near the end. At the bit where Rey and Ren swap being dead, I thought some people were going to walk out in disgust.

  • Having said that, you can't really go wrong with the "full Cage" bee scene or Cage running around punching people dressed a bear.

  • Saw 1917 at the Picturehouse in Central yesterday, all I can say is HOLY FUCK what a film! really made me think how different we have it whilst I was drinking my 2 cans of Grolsch and eating my 3 bags of nik naks. Truly beautiful film!

  • Stalker screening at SET in Dalston this evening was mentioned in this thread a while ago. Anybody going this evening? I got on the waitlist for this evening and lo, I just got a ticket.

  • Watched Uncut Gems at the cinema yesterday on account of the various reviews on here.
    Felt really stressed out the whole way through, don't think I've had a feeling like that from a film before.

    Only downside was the person next to me who tutted/sighed any time there was reference to sex...

  • Are you wet?

  • Well, I enjoyed Joker. And as a counterpoint finally caught up with the Disaster Artist which was excellent.

  • Jealous, I'd love to see that on the big screen!

  • Finally, some good news for once

  • 1917 was good.

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