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  • If Brad Pitt wins an oscar over Hanks, Pesci, Hopkins or Pacino then literally nothing in the universe makes sense.

  • So long as an ageing white guy wins. It's high time these people caught the break they so richly deserve.

  • Tried watching Uncut Gems. I don't think I've ever cared less about how a story turned out. If there was an Oscar for best Al Pacino tribute though, Adam Sandler would be untouchable.

  • Uncut gems, I was expecting to be stressed for 2 hours, but i was a bit like meh. It was alright and I wasn't expecting some bit to happen but at the same really didnt care that much about his character.

    i think its a bit more hype over substance 6/10 imo.

  • Jo Jo Rabbit. A total treat, loved it.

  • Watched Uncut Gems last at the Barbican. Mostly liked it, thought Sandler was great as were most the support cast. Probably better than any of the 2019 films I caught so a good start to the year. I've not seen many A24 releases but they do all seem to have a chin stroker vibe going on.

    Speaking of which - Barbican Cinema, nice but like watching a movie at an art school private view.

  • That's fair enough. I really don't feel that I enjoyed it due to hype. I just really enjoyed it and genuinely did care about Howard as a character. I also really, really enjoyed previous Safdie Brother films. Different strokes for different folks.

  • If anything the hype took the edge of for me due to my perhaps unfair expectations. Had i just stumbled across it i think it would of blown me away.

    I liked Howard and can't think of anyone else that could of done that character so convincingly. I can see why he would annoy some people but he didn't in my mind come across as nasty, just reckless.

    The big plus for me was the freshness of many of the scenes and roles. The stuff in his store really played out really well.

    By contrast the Joker felt all too familiar.

  • That is absolutely understandable. I felt the same way about Marriage Story. Expected big things and whilst well acted, I just felt a bit 'meh' after watching it.

    Agree Re freshness. The Safdie's craft scenes in ways that I've not seen before - the same goes for the scenes in Good Time. Just so frantic, chaotic and panic inducing.

    Also agree Re Joker. Was okay. Didn't love it.

  • Finally Jokering tonight. Looking forward to it.

  • You mean you weren't heart broken over the predicament of two wealthy, successful, attractive white people struggling with which expensive city they should live and what privileged job they should do - you monster.

    Tbf i'm pretty sure the Safdie brothers are doing something that some other director at some point in time has done before but they're making it theirs which is good enough for me.

  • Finally, someone who agrees with me!

    Yes, exactly! As a child of a pretty rough separation I found the entire thing totally unrealistic. Which was odd considering the film was praised for how 'real' and 'relatable' it felt. I thought Adam Driver was good. I like him. But didn't enjoy the film. In Noah Baumbach's defense, it's apparently loosely based on his experience of his separation from Jennifer Jason Leigh, so the Hollywood aspect makes some sense.

  • Saw that on Monday. Has lots of good moments, I liked the approach to story-telling and it is definitely taking risks but I also thought it had some misfires. That said, from what I heard about the book, it's a lot more successful than the book (which is a lot darker and doesn't pull that off).

  • Noah Baumbach is an excellent writer. I love the piece Nerdwriter did on him:­UJg

    I also love his films and i really enjoyed Marriage Story.

    It's definitely fair to say that his viewpoint is certainly in a world that few others experience; new york "elite". Still find his characters interesting and the performances he manages to get out of actors are top rate.

  • joker is fucking terrible and makes me want to never watch another film again. it's not even a good joker movie about bat man baddie 'the joker'.

    shit on a rope.

  • That's it, gonna watch it now.

  • Although, maybe jojo rabbit.

  • colo(u)r out of space available as a screenor fyi.

    going in for some cage favloured bonkerosity in 3...2...

  • watched joker.

    mediocre. not bad. I was let down by exactly the amount I thought I would be.

  • Please report back! I really want to see it.

  • I just saw JoJo Rabbit.

    Excellent. Plenty of heart and fun. A couple of genuinely poignant moments too.

  • I just watched telly in the end, might whack a film on in a bit though.

  • Finally got around to watching Joker. Garbage.

  • Terminator, time robots and stuff, many explosions, bit shit but exactly what I wanted to watch and included Spanish comprehension practice for the first half an hour which was mucho ayuda para mis español estudios.

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