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  • war movies are a hard fucking sell.

    not for me.

  • Mandy it is not. I watched that the other day, I need to watch it again totally bonkers film

  • your soul will thank you.

    eagerly awaiting "Colo(u)r Out Of Space" on purchase. even tho it's apparently a bit shit.

  • Finally got round to watching Bone Tomahawk last night after sitting around on my hard drive for months.

    Loved it 5/7 @greenhell watch it if you haven't already.

    Wiki says it made a loss on a 1.8M budget - crazy.

  • I really want to see that! SpectreVision are putting out some interesting stuff.

  • If you like mental Nicholas Cage then Color out of Space will not disappoint you. It's mad as a box of frogs but I loved it.

  • Looks like it's released on 25th February

  • that one specific scene in BT is not easy to watch, and i like my delicious ichor.

  • Breathtaking. Kurt turns up in some interesting stuff. That film was made incredibly cheaply and it doesn't show, some scenes are long and wordy and the landscapes are beautiful and then it takes a violent turn. The prison one is even more wildly extreme.

  • Knives out was very good, I half sussed most of it, but mainly because I was looking for twisty stuff, still well made, entertaining stuff work some stuff I missed.

  • Just got around to watching Mother!

    Fucking hell, not sure if it's genius or completely awful

  • Finally got to see the new Star Wars - 8 single men sitting separately in a cinema that seats 300. Was not expecting anything wonderful, but also not to see complete dogshit. So bad it's actually comparable to Phantom Menace.

    Utter shit.

  • Just saw Uncut Gems. Was pretty good, would definitely see it again. It's weird seeing Adam Sandler actually act, he was decent though.

  • Mother!

    It's both. I'm glad I watched it, have absolutely no desire to watch it again.

  • I'd like Mrs EB to see it but I'm not sure I can go through it again!

  • Well, Uncut Gems was a complete adrenaline rush. How it got not one Oscar nomination is beyond me.

  • They certainly latched onto a few films like I've never before seen. Was upset that it didn't get any nominations... Even sadder that Sandler didn't. Especially when someone like Florence Pugh was nommed for her performance in Little Women. Don't get me wrong, good performance, but not quite on the same level as Sandler.

  • Watched The Ruthless (Lo Spietato) last night, started really well in an Italian Goodfellas kind of way, was rooting for the main protagonist until he turned into a major jerk then found myself liking him again by the end...

    Diverting, worth a look, it's the Italian Goodfellas, just not as good and with more misogyny... Cuz Italy...

  • David Lean Great expectations
    Brief encounter
    for some gut wrenching golden oldies

  • I went to see it in cinema twice.

    That's how much I've loved it.

  • Oh my, Uncut Gems. Incredibly stressful to watch (and rightly so) but I've actually woken up with an aching jaw this morning

    Fantastic film.

  • The Dead Don't Die.


  • I went to see it in cinema twice.

    That's how much I've loved it.

    I've thought about it a lot. I'll watch again with K at the weekend I think

  • Terrible innit, best thing is RZA as a delivery driver.

  • that

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