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  • Dead man is much better than those films

    He's also not bad in Secret Window, with John Turturro.

  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, True Romance.

  • We are also forgetting the animated Rango.

  • Heathers, True Romance

  • Guy Fawkes night 1993 York, I was the only person in the cinema watching True Romance tripping my balls on mushrooms.

  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Young Guns II

  • Love both, don't think they're great films.

    If that makes any sense.

  • Ha, I was trying to be sarcastic, but obviously terrible at it. Should have known better on the film thread as well.

    I would have actually gone with True Romance, Heathers and Name of the Rose. Can't remember Pump up the Volume, but my younger self may have enjoyed it.

  • Uncut Gems - Jesus fucking Christ. Sweaty palms for two hours. Will stick we me for sure. Worth seeing in the cinema. The pause button would be too tempting at home.

  • Yep. Not sure if it’s getting a wide release in the UK though? Netflix on Jan 20th though I believe.

  • Yeah, saw it at the local picture house - wasn’t showing in many places. Was rammed too!

  • Saw it on the only screen that showed it at an early preview and it was equally packed. Was being shown about 15 times that day, too....

  • I'm off to see it tomorrow. Really excited. My girlfriend is coming and hasn't seen any other Safdie films. I reckon she might hate it.

  • I'm see Uncut Gems on Tuesday. Really looking forward to it.

    It'll be interesting to compare it to 1917 that I saw yesterday. I think the whole film was 2 or 3 tracking shots (main character has an unconscious moment when it switches to night time stock).

    It was compelling and moving, but a bit thin overall. I'd recommend it though.

  • saw baby driver yesterday, decent heist thriller, plot got a bit lost right at the end but well worth a watch

  • Snap, Uncut Gems this coming Monday, saw 1917 last night. The first half of 1917 up to the blackout appeared to be one long single shot take and is mesmerising and gripping, it tailed off a bit after that but definitely worth seeing.

  • compelling and moving, but a bit thin overall.

    I also saw 1917 last night, and that analysis is spot on.

    I saw it at the Imax, and a lot of it looked incredible, and lots of the camera work is excellent (though the image quality/frame rate/I don't know the technical term was really poor on some of the shots that were panning).

    There were a couple of bits where the feeling of "wait a minute - how...?" we're nagging too much for me to be fully on board with it.

  • Little Women last weekend was better I thought. 5/7.

  • Literally just about to see 1917. 10am iMax showing in Cambridge.

    4 people in the screen. I might have cracked going to the cinema...

  • I love Florence Pugh so watched Fighting With My Family but it's not very good and nobody can do a Norwich accent for shit. Bristol or something.

  • It was great but agree they all sound west country, no one even said ah ha.

  • Really enjoyed 1917. The second half did struggle to live up to the first half but i was fully engaged the whole way through.

    Definitely one to watch in the cinema...

  • Echo your thoughts on 1st and 2nd half but still really enjoyed the film. Visually is a great bit of cinema and the lead actor is great also.

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