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  • That's on my watch list!

  • @JWestland George Clooney is great in that

  • The Peanut Butter Falcon. Wonderful.

  • Looks like something I'd enjoy, going on the watch list, cheers.

  • Saw it a few weeks ago - definitely a tear jerker. Plus that child actor was pretty amazing.

    Watch The Two Popes last night. Really enjoyed it and super interesting story that had totally passed me by.

  • Normally don't like the phrase 'feel good film' but it just had that effect. Really great.

  • Can’t tell if intentional or not, but I really rate that Soderbergh Solaris remake.

  • Plus that child actor was pretty amazing.

    Weirdly, in the bit where he meets the adoptive parents he looked very like our daughter as she was then. Floods of tears...

  • Watched 'I Lost My Body' this evening. Really quite beautiful.

    Watched the French version with subtitles as I didn't realise there was an English dub. I'd recommend this way though after quickly jumping through with the English. Much nicer in French.

  • Watched Paterson last night. For the most part I liked it but had to spend the first 20 minutes deflecting my girlfriends death stare channelling "what the fuck is this hipster wankfest". Forgot she hated Ghost Dog.

  • Saw that in the cinema when it came out and loved it, but think I'd struggle to explain why if anyone pushed me on it haha

  • Jarmusch peaked with Dead Man.

  • I loved it, but my wife walked out half way through as 'nothing was happening'.

    It's true, nothing happened, but it didn't happen beautifully.

  • Yep, but Down by Law is good too.

  • I really don't mind nothing happening in fact it's what i most liked about Paterson. But a bus driver with a fuckwit unemployed wife living in a really nice house waking up looking great without morning breath and starting there day with "i had the most beautiful dream" pushed me to my limit!

  • Can't face it. Johnny Depp has been in two great movies IMO, Nightmare on Elm St and Platoon. One he has no speaking role and the other his water bed turns him into a smoothie. After that he's middle road to terrible for me.

  • Ed Wood, Edward Scissorshands? He's good when his name's Ed.

  • I'd bang him.

  • I enjoyed Edward Scissorhands at the time but not sure i'd want to go back and watch it again. Pretty sure i turned Ed Wood off.

    I guess it's that he's generally always the big star of his movies but there's often a better version of that film with a better actor elsewhere. Other opinions are available...

  • Johnny Depp has been in two great movies IMO, Nightmare on Elm St and Platoon.

    Cry-Baby too surely.

  • Fear and Loathing!

  • I did enjoy his tongue on cheek portrayal of Commander Jacques Buzzard.

  • Sweeney Todd, The Lone Ranger.

  • Ok put it this way, i love Gleaming the Cube but it's a terrible Christian Slater movie. In fact he's only been in two great movies as well!

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