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  • Ordinary Love is great.

  • Saw Knives Out today. Proper fun whodunnit with big "Clue" Cluedo vibes. Loved it.

  • Went to see Monos tonight. Really enjoyed it, would strongly recommend seeing it on the big screen if you get a chance, it looks and sounds absolutely amazing.

  • Ford v Ferrari and Knives Out were both very good.

  • F v F looks like utter tripe. I'm surprised.

  • 7000 rpm!

  • lol

    @croft - good acting and an interesting plot, for me, who didn't know much about the original happenings. Set in the 60s too which is always a plus point for me. I too was surprised by reviews and was compelled to see it after reading them. Glad I did.

  • Went to see Knives Out the other day, thought it was superb. Heard Kermode say it was great and that you should go in cold not knowing anything. I agree with that!

  • Once upon a time in Hollywood -
    What a waste of time.

  • I really enjoyed it.

  • 6 Underground, new Michael Bay on Netflix.
    Pile of wank

    Doesn't know what it's trying to be. Dodgy comic styling, inconsistent storytelling, hypocrisy aplenty and massive plotholes.

    Probably a discarded Fast & Furious script, reworked into whatever the fuck that was.

  • What a waste of time

    Totally agree

  • Dodgy comic styling, inconsistent storytelling, hypocrisy aplenty and massive plotholes.

    It’s a Michael Bay film. These are his trademarks.

  • Its almost someone trying to out Michael Bay a film, but it's him doing it.

  • Is it soundtracked exclusively by the Sneaker Pimps?

  • Went to see Knives Out last night and echoing the above I really enjoyed it. I like to watch a whodunnit a second time with the answer in mind to see if it would be feasible for a viewer to actually work out the answer. Not sure if it would be possible in this case? But takes you on a very enjoyable ride

  • I spent the whole film waiting for it, but thankfully it didn't

  • Struggled to get by 20 mins, who the fuck pays micheal bay these days.

  • My good god. Uncut Gems. Sublime. Favourite film of the year bar none. Adam Sandler is something else. Had no idea he had it in him. I cannot stop thinking about this film.

  • Looks very good.
    Not heard of the Safdie brothers before.
    Their previous movies - Heaven knows what & Good time also look very interesting.

  • Good Time is great, I saw it a while ago and it's really stuck with me, Robert Pattinson is really good. I've not heard of Uncut Gems but will check it out.

  • Coming to Netflix (apart from US) on 31st of Jan.

    Looks great. I loved Good Time so really looking forward to it...

  • Worth noting it'll also get a UK cinema release which is where i hope to see it.

    Always regretted not seeing Good Time on the big screen. As well as directing it Benny Safdie's screen performance was on point.

  • True. I'd love to see it in the cinema but not sure i'll get the time...

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