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  • Watched this with the missus.
    Pretty great, was getting quite tense towards the end.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Seen it said before on this thread but You Were Never Really Here is great -a wonderfully touching tale of how much one man loves his hammers

  • ready or not. mindless hammer horrorish lols that sticks the boot into wealth and privilege. worth a purchase.

  • Jesus - the plot in the Joker was a bit on the thin side.

    I kept seeing people write ‘OMG the train scene is amazing’. Totally forgettable.

    I did think Wakkers was quite good on the whole but was underwhelmed. 5/10.

  • It was suggested up thread that Joker was a critique of the media. If so, it was the only subtle part of the film.

  • Ironically given Scorsese's recent comments I felt the same watching The Irishman as I did Avengers Endgame - like I'm watching a lesser version of a film I've already seen.

    Great acting, very well made, but the CGI, De Niro narration and played out soundtrack irked me.

  • I’m an hour into The Irishman... going back to it now to finish post dinner.

    Enjoyable so far but it’s definitely ‘familiar’.

  • Ha ha, that's a great review of that film.

  • Mid90s.

    Possible Jonah Hill’s best.

    I put it on a very exclusive list, joining Linklater’s Slacker (1990), and Larry Clark’s Kids (1995). There are a couple others on that list but Mid90s has earned its place.

  • I thought it was a bit like Larry Clark's Kids Lite. Enjoyed it though.

  • Yea I felt it was something more than an homage but less than a spiritual sequel. Suppose it’s difficult to make a film like Kids now. I was just happy it didn’t try hard to look for approval or tap into current trends. It was just a slow burn.

  • Try watching Fucking åmål (1998). I think it could make your list.
    Swedish film. Imdb says it's english title is Show me love

  • Will keep an eye out, thanks

  • I was actually thinking more of Linklater's Dazed and Confused and not Slacker for reference. Sorry :)

  • Dazed is cool, but always felt like the accessible cousin

  • Knives Out is really fun.

  • Mid90s - excellent!

    Kids - amazing soundtrack, folk implosion, sebadoh, slint. Everyone's favourites. OK, some of my favourites :)

  • The kids soundtrack was better than the film

    Enjoying Mid-90s only half way through. Lovely bits so far gripping the deck scene was the shiz

    The wheels on the boards are too big though

  • little Joe.

    Day of the triffids meets The Midwich Cuckoos meets Elle Decoration magazine.


  • Based on that description, I’d sooner watch a montage of Jean Paul Gaultier adverts.

  • Wow

  • I really enjoyed it.

  • Looks fuckin excellent, seems the internet has mixed reviews. Im looking forward to it!

  • seems the internet has mixed reviews

    I'm not surprised. The dream of it as a force for good is well and truly over.

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