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  • I saw Doctor Sleep at the cinema last night. Absolutely dog shit. It turns out The Shining didn't need a sequel featuring lots of psychic wizards. Who knew?

  • Dolemite is my name.

    Proper feel good pick me up stuff.

    Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes really should do more acting.

  • Really enjoyed it.
    Strangely gentle

  • Strangely gentle

    I get that all the time...

  • New Halloween: pointless derivative shite. Only good thing about it is the soundtrack.

  • Has anyone tried 4dx yet? Going to see the Ford vs Ferrari movie tonight.

  • I watched Joker last night. I found nothing enjoyable about it, it's bleek and dark and violent.

    I'm never watching a film picked by a 16yr old boy again.

  • yeah it looks like neckbeard wankfantasy #bottomtext drivel.


  • Has anyone tried 4dx yet? Going to see the Ford vs Ferrari movie tonight.

    Let me know what you think.

    It sounds uber gimmicky to me.

  • I went earlier today. It's a bit weird, not unpleasant or annoying, but not really worth 5 quid. Film was good fun though, didn't feel like 2 1/2 hours at all

  • Quite enjoyed it. The seats lurching around was cool, the smells and rain was ok. Sometimes the seat thing was overplayed, a newspaper being slammed on a desk resulted in the seats giving a kick up the arse, but it was fun in the driving.

  • Interesting, but still sounds gimmicky.

    I'm going to watch it today in standard at the Ritzy.

    I have a dental appointment at 10.15, to install a crown then the day off to recover from puffy anaesthetic jaw.

    The 1150 Ford Ferrari showtime sounds just about perfect.

  • it gave me shivers of libido into my spine, I didn't come for real, but pretty close.

  • Yikes

  • Saw Joker a couple of week ago, first film I've been to the cinema for in over a year maybe as I've got some free tickets to use from my bank. Always like to give some things a bit of time to think over but I can still only say that I absolutely hated it. A deeply deeply unpleasant film from start to finish with very little, if any, saving graces. The only positive word I've said since coming out of it was a praise for the score. Why mention the giant rats so many times, even have them run around screen several times, and then have no reason for them? Checkhov would not be at all happy.

  • proper watchlist stuff

  • Michael Haneke actually though that people become complicit in accepting real life violence by watching simulated violence (I am not convinced btw) and made Funny Games in response. As much fun as clawing your eyes out, but I recommend to watch it just once.

    Angst is another movie where violence is not glorified, as that character is just proper mentally ill.

    There's definitely a hypocrisy going on with a pleasant reaction to violence being judged as bad (paging Freud? Evolutionary biology?) but Hollywood is full of implicit acceptance of violence as a force of positive power.

  • Pesci stole it for me, really subtle performance.

  • not sure if


  • Gemini Man, why did i even bother to watch it. Wish 0/5 do not watch even if bored

  • Another vote for Dolemite from me. A movie with a big heart that dragged me out of a recent downer. Beverly hills cop and white men can't jump are both favourites of mine so I was chuffed to see Murphy and Snipes back on form.

  • You can get a 2 week free trial of Shudder if you use the code "VISIT" when you sign up. If you threaten to cancel they offer you another month for free as well. Haven't had a chance to have a deep dive but there's some decent looking stuff on there!

  • On a related note, listened to the first episode of Visitations podcast earlier. Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah interviewing various film makers. Would recommend!

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