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  • if anyone knows where i can get my eyeballs fucked inside out by COOS, hmu.

  • Trailer left my expectations low so film was a pleasant surprise

  • Earls Court was a shithole in the 80s... Some mates bought a flat there in the late 90s, cost them next to nothing... The prostitute in the flat opposite insisted on working without drawing the curtains, their dining table was right in front of their front room window so they'd pull down the blinds at dinner time... 🙈😂

  • Dinner and a show.

  • Out of curiosity I looked up house prices there. You can't go back to '81 but some were selling for £30k in the late 80's.

  • The guy who made Color out of space, Richard Stanley made Hardware and the amazingly crazy Dust Devil in the 90's. That was a favorite for a while.

    Looking forward to his current output

    Also what other decent Lovecraftian Films are there?

  • He introduced COOS at the LFF, very sad really. He hasn't made a film for years because he was looking after his mum whilst her health declined.

  • look no further than Stuart Gordon.

    and The Thing.

    and Alien.

  • In The Mouth Of Madness too?
    Not many decent Love craft adaptations considering his literary contributions to Horror.

  • to be fair, his books are terribly written with some top ideas. massive racist too.

  • Hardware

    Now that's a film I'd not thought about in 30 years!

  • Ghostbusters

    Series 1 of True Detective

  • Has anyone seen Beyond The Black Rainbow? Directed by Panos Cosmatos who did Mandy. Sounds mad.

  • No but it's going on my list, ta.

  • It’s shite. Looks amazing, sounds great, but is pretty dull and ends hilariously badly.

    But then I thought Mandy was weak, so ymmv.

  • I loved Mandy but more as a spectacle than anything else so reckon I might enjoy Beyond The Black Rainbow for similar reasons based on that description.

  • Anyone been to Rich Mix in Bethnal Green? Looks like a nice cinema, £6 Mondays as well

  • Liked it, didn't like Mandy cos BTBR is very much form over story (but I liked some of the mad scenes and it is not too long, and I can tolerate that quite well anyway it is looks interesting) and the soundtrack is nice too.

    But in Mandy it was just too long with too little story to hold my attention. You may enjoy BTBR

  • Yes, good local not for profit cinema. Only 3 screens, and not the widest selection of movies, but cheap tickets plus they stock local breweries, so good for a cheap movie and beer.

    If you are local, their membership gives you 2 free tickets + %off other tickets throughout the year, so pretty much pays for itself.

  • I'm trying to remember the name of a film that had a trailer like 4 years ago and has maybe come out by now

    It was a small thing by an American team, the vibe was mysterious journey through the desert, shots of a glowing door in a pyramid, one-word name I think. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  • Annihilation?

  • Necromonicon?


    In the mouth of madness?

    The void?

    From beyond?

    All great and lovecraftian

  • Massive anti-Semite too

    Ended up marrying a Jewish girl

    Can’t help but thinking his mother raising him locked in an attic damaged his world view but inspired his fear of the unknown. He seemed to broaden his horizons later in life

  • Saw The Irishman last night, it will be worth your Netflix subscription this month. For some reason I kept thinking of Silvio Dante when Pacino was on the screen.

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