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  • Watch it, It's superb

  • Neither is the original, it's in Wales and isn't even a pub.

  • and isn't even a pub

    Pretty sure you could say the same about the one in Clerkenwell.

  • Hellraiser - Once again what i imagined as a 9 year old was far scarier than the movie which was to be honest, a bit shit.

  • I remember the film being a bit nipple trauma focused (haven't seen it in years)

    I also remember liking the short story it is expanded from (Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker) but I was a CB fanboi for a while and might be misremembering.

    Amazingly there are several Hellraiser sequels, each worse than the last.

  • I had a bunch of Nightbreed comics when i was kid that i really liked but the film just didn't work for me. There's a reboot coming which i may give a go as unlike nightmare on elm street which is still one of my favourite movies there's no pressure now for them to get it right for me.

  • I really like Ghostbusters. I’m watching the 2016 remake on C4. It’s utterly shit. What the fuck were they thinking with this?

  • Caught Monos at the ICA last week, absolutely beautiful film centered around a group of child soldiers. Good if you like arty shit, properly visceral soundtrack by Mica Levi too.

  • Caught The Farewell over the weekend and really enjoyed it...particularly for someone intrigued by the immigrant experience

  • Oh really? From the trailers I thought it looked shit. But it's had good reviews too. I'll keep it in mind.

  • Watched both Suspirias back to back. The new one is total shit.

  • ExistenZ again.
    Crazy Cronenburg exploration of reality/meta reality sits well along similar simulacrum based efforts.

    The inventive take on bio game controllers built from organs of mutated creature (in at least one level of reality) isn't for the squeamish.

    A kind of transitional film between old (total body horror) and new (exploration of identity) Cronenburg.

    Did enjoy

  • Ingrid Goes West, thought it was going to be a light hearted comedy, turns out it is pretty dark and disturbing.

  • I thought the trailer for The Aeronauts looked like a right load of hokum but Kermode liked it and said it's genuinely vertiginously terrifying.

  • Watched The Last Black Man in San Francisco at the Rio last night.

    It's wonderful, great acting, some amazing skating shots down hills in SF. I didn't want it to end.

  • yes but kermode = premium jesusboifaekabillytitcock so...

    in other news. anyone found nick cage's latest 4 purchase?

  • Color out of Space is crazy in the best possible ways.

  • happy to pay cashmonnehs to see it.

  • I don't think anyone has picked it up for UK theatrical release. I saw it at LFF and wanted to take other people or see it after, not been able to track it down IRL or online since.

  • Speaking of theatrical releases, anywhere south of the river showing The Irishman? Cineworld, Vue and Picturehouses aren't touching it and I can't be fucked going into central or paying £18 at an Everyman

  • Yeah, read that. Still kinda see his point and agree with him.

  • The Color out of Space - (No not the Richard Stanley/Nicholas Cage bound to be shit fest), but the 2010 German made version. The action moved from New England to Baden-Wurttemburg and nearly all in magnificent monochrome. Easily the best Lovecraft adaptation I've seen. Deffo recommend.

  • Have you seen Mandy? Color out of Space is even more mental. Nicolas Cage is on fire at the moment IMO, bat shit crazy fever dream films FTW.

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