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  • That Harley Quinn film looks bad. Really, really, bad. Watched Shazam last night, rather enjoyable nonsense.

  • Maybe one day people find power/healing in gardening

    That's on my watch list. MegaTitchmarch and SuperDimmock.

  • Shazam was kinda fun.

  • i was expecting wonder years fred savage kid to be shazaam and it always felt really weird in every scene when he wasn't for some reason.

  • hate that film

  • Liked but didn't love the Joker. Good performances and great cinematography but found myself a bit uninterested at times. The idea of his condition and the scenes where it's affecting him worked well but it still felt like yet another version of Joaquin Phoenix unlike Heath Ledger's transformation. Maybe i should watch it again.

    Few previously unseen picks from my Now TV trial:

    Bomb City - true story on punks vs jocks, was decent, best to avoid the story before watching if you can.

    Searching - Clever use of computery things and social media to frame a movie, like John Cho, easy watch.

    And regarding fun/scary Halloween recommendations if someone hasn't already put it forward i'd suggest Creep.

  • Creep: mutants on the underground, or peachfuzz?

    The former is shite and not worth your time.
    I keep meaning to watch the sequels to the other one.

  • Peachfuzz, haven't watched the sequel yet either but heard it's good.

  • It's closer to 4 lions than The Day Today or Brass Eye and probably not as funny/good as any of those.

    Worth a watch though, it's probably more interesting if you do a bit of background research.

  • Do yourself a favour and watch Parasite.

    So good.

  • El Camino loved the scenery. Makes America look beautiful

  • Just finished watching Green Book. Very good film and a strangely heartwarming take on a truly repugnant subject.

    Highly recommended.

  • Parasite is on the list, watched Ginger Snaps yesterday.

    Special effects a bit hammy, but the tale of two sisters trying to keep it together as highschool outcasts when one is bitten by a werewolf works for me.

    The drama element is maybe a bit better than the horror.

    More horror movies with similar themes: Carrie and Raw (Grave) (super ending line)

    Maybe I can relate a bit more to some things as a woman, but maybe you have some female lead / female themes movies you love? (There seem to be more men posting here)

  • A few stand outs for me in thriller /horror with female leads (no specific theme) -
    Diabolique (1955), Halloween (1978), Alien (1979), Pan's Labyrinth (2006), REC (2007)

  • The Descent (2005), Martyrs (2008), Grace (2009), Drag Me To Hell (2009), You're Next (2011), The Babadook (2014), It Follows (2014)

  • Never seen him in a bad movie. Bit like Daniel Day Lewis.

  • Just watched it. So good, thanks!

  • Found El Camino perfectly enjoyable, but it all felt completely unnecessary.

  • Thanks whoever posted Minding the Gap, brought back a lot of my reality from 13 to 27.

  • The 90's were fucking awesome.

  • Found El Camino perfectly enjoyable, but it all felt completely unnecessary.


  • If you haven't seen it yet, Free Solo is on C4 at stupid o clock tomorrow morning. Record it. It is amazing.

  • Watched The Ring (2002 remake) last night because Mrs EB and I had never seen it. Absolute nonsense, not even remotely scary. It must have been the original I saw that creeped me out

  • The dead don't die was alright if you want a weird, funny, Romareo inspired horrorish thing. Maybe gets a bit too self referential but it's enjoyable.

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