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  • Indeed they're brilliant.
    Shivers and Rabid were a great start to a brilliant career. And Scanners giftastic moment.
    Hard to get hold of The Brood with Oliver Reed. Would love to see that again.

  • pdlouche mentioned on previous page, shot caller, what an excellent film, grabs you right from the start. through time jumps it tells the story and back story of a rich bloke going to prison and the changes and events that happen to him

    well worth a watch

  • The art of self defence.

    The Karate Kid meets a youtube comments section. top lols, tho the Karate action is a bit iffy.

  • Zombieland 2.
    Cant wait

  • Film4’s All4/on demand selection is great at the moment. This evening Bone Tomahawk got a watch. Long but excellent.

  • Oh also Red Bull was reposting Wee Day Out with Danny Macaskill... and I hadn’t realised til now it was him in Premium Rush doing the trials stunts. Makes sense.

  • Ma - Don't bother. Yawn, nothing happens.

  • Has anyone seen The Day Shall Come? The new Chris Morris film.

  • Letterboxd has some wild lists.

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  • Yeah, it's alright, I think I was expecting funnier so was a little disappointed, but still worth a watch.

  • Angst is worth a watch in the grim department, simple plot but the acting and soundtrack make it.

    Sausage movie lists though...may as well pick a random movie? :)

  • Is everyone blowing their loads for Joker?

    I'm nervous, I've seen a fair few reviews absolutely slating it

  • It’s a weird one. The critics have hammered Joker but everyone I know has raved about it.

  • It's been fairly widely panned. Put me off, went in expecting to HATE it. Actually it's the best film I've seen in ages.

  • I'm hungover and watching Face/Off. I can feel myself getting even thicker by the minute.

  • travolta at the top of his game here:­AS0

  • In the tall grass. Absolutely without merit. Laughable

  • Midsommar - too long and too clever for its own good.

  • The critics have hammered Joker but everyone I know has raved about it.

    The critics have hammered joker coz it a critique of the media. It's race to the bottom. They would love some nutcase to commit a violent crime with a clown mask and point a blame finger at the movie, and at video games and at anything that distracts from the real cause of unrest:
    austerity. The rich getting richer while the rest if us lose our safety net to privatization

  • Bone Tomahawk is wild. Almost too much for me. Would watch again.

  • Went to see it yesterday really enjoyed it. Looks great and a great performance from joaquin phoenix.

  • Joker: Goes nuts and becomes succesful villain
    Real life: Goes nuts, becomes forever loser/get shot by cops.

    That's why I am not bothered, I'm a bit done with this superpeople genre. Also, a man, again? At least in Judge Dredd there was a female villain to sympathize with.

    #grumpyoldwoman :)

  • Harley Quinn has her own film on the way.

  • OK have to see how that plays out.

    As the Joker gaslighted/abused her into madness. But it all depends how they work the scripts, the drug dealing villain in Dredd basically had a horrible abuse life and found her power in leading a crime gang.

    Maybe one day people find power/healing in gardening in superhero movies but not any time soon ;)

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