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  • Just watched The Guest. Really wasn't a fan! An interesting idea but it was all a bit too slickly made and clean looking. The main issue is that there wasn't a single decent actor in the entire film.

  • In the horror / comedy / cult section: Braindead and Society are worth watching :)

  • Event Horizon is crap. I saw it with my friend when it came out. When we left the cinema we immediately called his girlfriend from a phone box to warn her not to see it. But it was too late...

  • Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2
    Army of Darkness

  • I thought it was a amazing and scary at the time, but I'm aware about 75% of people seemed to hate it.

  • Films of the last couple of weeks:

    Bait - this will be a film that everyone is gonna miss but it could be my favourite film of the year so far.

    The Farewell - also super enjoyable.

    Ad Astra - steaming pile.

  • Bait - this will be a film that everyone is gonna miss but it could be my favourite film of the year so far.

    Proper job

  • crawl.

    top tier croc schlock. well worth a spin.

  • Managed to go see Joker on Friday night, to a packed out cinema.

    I have to say I found some of the film so fucking difficult to watch, its depiction of a mans life unravelling and ultimately turning him mad could be hard for some people.
    I'd like to watch it again though.

    saw it yesterday and pretty much agree with your take.

    I was expecting the giant rats thing to become relevant as you see them scampering around in the background of a lot of the major scenes and the news reports seem to mention them a lot but I imagine at most they were just intended as a metaphor for something like the decay of the city.

    overall though I really enjoyed the fact it wasn't a comic book movie in any way other than through context of the joker / wayne family characters. my gf enjoyed it and she's not interested in the slightest of anything superhero related.

  • That looks great!

  • Shot Caller was just on F4. Surprised it has such a low tomato rating, thought it was pretty good.

  • Joker
    What a laugh

  • My mate takes a fortnight off work each year to go to London Film Festival, he's seeing 30 films this year.

    We have a tradition where he picks a film to take me to and I have to make sure I don't find out anything about it (even the title) before I sit down in the screen.

    This year's mystery film this Tuesday ending up being a Richard Stanley adaptation of H.P Lovecraft's Color Out of Space.

    Nicolas Cage is in it. It's more mental than Mandy and he shouts a lot. It has Alpacas.

    Just go and watch it.

  • I thought it was OK, not a masterpiece but I can see how other movies borrowed from it

  • Sounds bonkers! Can't see anywhere in Leeds showing it but will keep an eye out.

  • Hustlers last night, uninteresting events befall uninteresting characters. Felt like I was a victim of hustlers myself having wasted two hours watching the film. I enjoyed the closing credits.

    Joker tonight...

  • Hopefully it'll get a wider release soon. It's definitely one for a big screen.

  • Three From Hell. about as close as you'll get to an actual video nasty these days and i loved every second of it.

    RIP Sid Haig.

  • Cheers. Really like the look of that. Will seek it out, hopefully it'll be on somewhere in Manchester.

  • Re watched The Thing tonight. I'd forgotten how over the top all of the effects are!

  • So Joker - I enjoyed Skydancer’s review ^ but if you’re into sick humour like me and the wife there are actually a lot of laughs to be had. Plenty of twists too. It’s got a modern Taxi Driver feel to it but on steroids. I’ll go back to watch it again.

  • We went to the new Everyman at Liverpool Street - Broadgate - tonight. It’s as you’d expect, they’ve done a great job with what was previously squash courts and a car park.

    Nyokee around the back is worth a visit too.

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  • Joker

    Loved it. Knew I would. Phoenix was amazing as ever

  • The early Cronenberg movies; terrifying, hilarious and thought provoking all at the same time...

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