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  • Tolkien should have been called Mordor He Wrote.

  • We were watching the black film history programme on BBC2 last week and Amistad came up. We’d never seen it so put it on tonight. Story well told, great cast, Spielberg does the usual tug at the heartstrings stuff but here and there but doesn’t dilute the horror of what went on either. Well worth seeking out.

  • Son of a gun was on tv the other night. Stands up just as well on second viewing.

    Huh, just looked at online reviews and its not that popular. Meh. I like it.

  • ^ I love that movie. Saw it at the LFF many years ago and was blown away. I thought it was going to be the next action movie smash hit, but it sort of disappeared from view.

    Glad someone else is on the same page

  • Anyone seen 'Beats' yet? Heading to see it tomorrow­eats-fmmh

  • Looks wank. Sorry

  • Yeah I was talking about it in the previous page, it’s pish.

  • Ah feck and I've roped a few mates into going too, with tickets bought. DJ set after in my cinema so will have to hope that makes up for it lol

  • I really enjoyed it - maybe I was just in a good mood. Nothing technical to add, just found bits funny, enjoyed the soundtrack, strong performances from the two protagonists (especially Spanner). The filming in the rave was also well done and if they weren't actually on drugs for that part I'd be surprised lol

  • Pikachu movie, not bad but pretty forgettable.

    They keep using the same emotional story arc clichés in kids movies lately...I know you can't really offer a super complex three hour movie etc but it makes the plots so interchangeable.

    The Pokémon were well done with nice touches.

  • Has anyone seen John wick 3 yet? Thinking of going before long and loved the first two.

  • Apollo 11. Mind boggling. Fabulous.

  • Anyone seen Rocketman yet?

  • Just watched The Graduate for the first time. What a wonderful film.

  • Innit. So so soooo good.

  • Yes. Best of the series. A real fun film to see in the cinema.

  • High Life - the user reviews on IMDB are way more entertaining than the film.

  • Apollo 11. Mind boggling. Fabulous.

    Even though you know what happens, it is still edge of the seat stuff. Just wish i'd caught it on the big screen.

  • I can't wait to go and see it!

  • Also fantastic is Booksmart. Favourite film of the year for me so far.

  • ^ Directed by Olivia Wilde - I remember her, hot dang

  • Her debut, no less. I enjoyed it so much I'm going to go and watch it again.

  • Oh, Booksmart really didn't work for me. Isn't it just a Superbad re write?

  • Watched US on Friday night. Still having nightmares. Excellent stuff from J.Peele

  • I liked booksmart, granted not super deep or original but well scripted / acted with some great dialogue.

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