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  • Heard 8th Grade is going to be released in the UK.

    Definitely watch it.

  • Aquaman

    So very, very bad.

    Like The Room. But wet. And without the irony.

  • It’s out now, apparently very good.

  • Avengers End Game.
    Or should I say The Walton's meets Star Trek The Next Generation.
    What a pile of sentimental tosh.
    Wholesome values shoved down yer throat every 5 minutes.

  • I thought it was great. I was never a comic fan but my wife loves the Marvel films, so I've watched them a lot. There's some duds in there, but I thought Endgame was a really great conclusion to the whole thing. Less about the fighting, more about catharsis.

    Not that I'm as heavily into the franchise as some fans are, I was invested enough in the characters to have genuine feeling of vemod at the end

  • Apart from Captain Marvel's character, who in Endgame felt like a screenwriter's get out of jail free card

  • Just rewatched Whiplash after few years.

    Please, do yourself a favour and watch it if you haven't seen it.


  • Yeah I really rate that film seen it a few times with different people

  • Fantastic film

  • I put this on the food thread but probably belongs here too

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  • apparently very good.

    It really is. An excellent depiction of what it must be like growing up today.

    Wasn't enamored with the director as a person, but he really has smashed it.

  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

    wasn't quite sure whether or not the filmakers were trying to paint TB as some sort of victim worthy of pity or they were trying making a movie about TB if TB had made it... an odd one with almost zero claret, which is also a brave move considering the subject matter.

    yer man that plays him is very good in it and bears an uncanny likeness.

    contains stealth james hetfield.

  • Watched Bumblebee. So much better than the Michael Bay transformer movies.

    Don't expect deep stuff, all the clichés are present. Decent acting, good fighting scenes and the nicely executed of "a girl and her car robot" and wee man & I had a good time.

    My partner who isn't into big fighting robot was less impressed ;)

  • Just gonna leave this here...

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  • ^ lol :)

  • I saw Long Shot last night, the new Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron film. Much to my surprise. Hilarious. The whole way through.

  • Missed it in the cinema, will wait for it to come out on bluray

  • Seeing Beats at the cinema on wednesday, trailer tells everything about the film but kinda fancy it and its been shot in Glasgow too.

  • Avengers Endgame - despite its length it doesn’t drag but I was left underwhelmed.

  • agreed. Infinity war setup a great premise, and was a great movie - and i didnt feel Endgame continued that.....

  • Seen Beats at the cinema last night, felt like I could have stayed in the house after it finished as it wasn't great.

    Just felt very forced and full of mediocre acting. Feels like what scotland is right now, full of this we can fight the power but in reality your fighting fuck all and won't change a thing.

  • The trailer was awful sub Shane Meadows bollocks about meaning and identity with some kind of back story pinned on. Rather than just getting fucked up, as it was. Dunno. It made me not want to watch it

  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


  • Agreed. Turned it off after 20 minutes.

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